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This revolution saw extraordinary engagement of women

Arab spring was not a new topic for me. I was in touch of this issue often. Then in the Current affairs lecture session I got chance to know more about the Arab spring, its cause and consequences. We kicked off the session with TED videos of talks by Dalia Mogahed, Wael Ghanim, Wardah Khanfar and Zahra Langhi.

Arab Spring is referred by the presenter as ‘Arab Revolution 2.0’, because the intensity of the revolution was completely a whole new level. There have been other protests from the separate Arab world years ago, but those could not rise up to a point which can overthrow a government. Forcefully or naturally those protests faced off its end at its beginning. As I know Tunisia started a protest against the government, which vapor trailed to Syria, Egypt, Yemen, Algeria, Sudan and many more countries. Many kind of pressures have been imposed to bud off the revolution at its beginning. This time was for the mass people to show their courage and stand together to face the force for achieving a greater glory. People came to the ground for supporting, encouraging the revolution by all possible means, regardless age, gender, occupation. This is the main factor of the Arab revolution which made it a success. This is what made a small Arab protest in an Arab spring, which fountain its benefits all over the world.

In addition, the role of women in this revolution was undoubtedly significant, that women empowerment needed to be defined in a new level. Unlike other protests, this revolution saw extraordinary engagement of women not only in nursing or taking care of wounded, they came upfront of the battlefield, meet with world delegates, and keep their support for their husband, sons and daughters in the ground. Thus this Arab Spring not only brought new governments, also brought the courage and beliefs on women empowerment.

Another vital point of this revolution was the involvement of Medias. Al-Jazeera was one of the news corporations which continuously supported the revolution throughout the turmoil. The governmental pressure could not stop it from telecasting the truth and live footage from the ground of protest, Al Jazeera aired the news on Arab spring 24/7 to the outer world for gaining world support to expose the truth. Mass people used radio, internet, Skype, social networking sites to let the world know the truth and support them to achieve their goal. They succeeded in their efforts and brought glorious victories over a price of millions of martyrs. We salute this Arab martyrs and pray for their soul’s rest.

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