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Thiruvalluvarism – by Rimsana

People have different kind of believes upon religions and their religious leaders, while some are following atheism. Religion can be a way of life or they can be called as the programmed system of life. As every religion teaches to differentiate between good and bad, there are some people who have contributed to the literature and to the mental development of human by teaching the ethical values.

I would like talk about a poet and philosopher who lived in-between the second century BC and the eighth century AD, which was estimated by the great scholars and the researchers of Tamil literature. He was Thiruvalluvar, in Tamil Literature he was also names as Theiva Pulavar(“Divine Poet”).  As I have studied the basics of Tamil Literature, it is stated that Thiruvalluvars’ birth place is Tirunayanarkurichi which was earlier called as the Valluva Nadu. Most of us are aware of the tribes and the cast system of India, “Kaliyan Kaani” is one of the tribes which still worship Thiruvalluwar as their god after his death. They believe that Thiruvalluvar was the king of their country which is called Valluvar Naadu (“Valluvar Country”). Still there are discussions and researches going on, to confirm Thiruvalluvars’ birthplace.

His teachings are the guidelines for moral behaviors. He has written 1330 couplets which are called Thirukkural. I believe that it is one of the oldest works in the history of Tamil. It has been translated into several languages. Thirukkural is devided into three sections which are Aram (good ethical behavior with honor), Porul (right manner of conducting worldly affairs), and Inbam (the relationship between a husband and wife). Teachings of Thirukkural is mostly towards the social life. It talks about the way that we need to behave with others, and it also talks about the personal life. Each and every couplets have deep meaning which are valuable and great thoughts of a great person.

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