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Third week reflection diary of current affairs by jahirul islam

It is a pleasure for me to get involved in writing about current affairs in reflection diary on tutorials class. First of all I feel like to mention the definition of current affairs. It is a type of transmission recording where get priority new stories that have arisen or are continuing at the period of telecast. News and current affairs are diverse. Moreover, current affairs means what is recently occurring in the globe. Current affairs can be news but all news are not part of current affairs. On the other hand, news can be consider as a news which occurred in the past or will occur in the future. I am very thankful to respected lecturer who had explained very well about current affairs in tutorial class. He gave clear view about globalization and how it interlinked with distance human being whom live far away and how its influence on human being . Throughout globalization, people are capable of sharing their own views, ideas and aspects of culture. Furthermore, underdeveloped country can get help from developed country. For illustration, almost every year flood happens in Bangladesh at that emergency period Bangladesh get help from country such as India, china, Japan U. S.A so on. Moreover, developed countries can attain third-world countries needs and it has possible because of globalization. In addition, one nation can earn money by doing business and transaction with other countries. Globalization has also spread an opportunity for the propagation of knowledge among people. For instance, Albukhary international University is giving full scholarship and they are coming from different countries and students are capable of reaching to AIU because globalization and its help to build up relationship among nations. I feel like to talk about economics frames such as special economic zone is a free-market-oriented and there have no rules and regulations for adventure. The goal of at his process is to enhance economic growth. For example, free trade zones (FTZ) export processing Zone (EPZ), industrial parks, free economic zones and so on. Brain drain: it has increased because of globalization. For example, when students come for study for foreign country and students do not return their own country and they do not return their country because of getting advantage more than their own country. Furthermore, Telecommunications and transportations have influence on nations to get closer and to develop communication. As a result, it has built up relationship among nations. Common currency is a currency where two or more states share their currency wherever has an acceptance among people; for example euro and most of European use this currency. Consequently, they do not get problems to exchange things among them. Besides, Industrialization process has spread the whole world. As a result, developed countries are getting more benefit because they transfer their industries to the third world countries and they get labours as a cheap salary and the developed countries take advantage by manufacturing more products and earn more money. Environmental frame: environment has changed or is altering day by day such as Greenhouse effect which is occurring in the third world countries even though they are not liable for this actions and the developed countries are also not taking responsibilities. It is happening because of globalization which is really harmful for the third world countries. Consequently, the third world countries will be eradicated from the map. Cross boundary water problems has created when the nations have close together and it invented since globalisation. For illustration, Bangladesh, India and Myanmar are still now cross boundary troubles. An open border is a margin that facilitates people between different dominions with no barricading for movement. It has enhanced facilities for people. They can co-operate each other’s in any difficulties such as jobs facilities. As a result, they can change their locations to get jobs for them and which has possible because of globalization. For example, over populated countries Bangladesh and people are having in difficulties jobs employment. Therefore, they can go for any countries for getting jobs and it has quite successful because of globalization. Socio-cultural frames: inter-cultural tourism is a place where people come from different countries and government can earn money by developing tourist areas and it is beneficial for nation and globalization has wide-spread among the globe. Moreover, multi-lingual has enhanced day by day. For example: most dominant countries such as England, America use English language medium for their communication. As a result, the rests are compelled to learned English language as a second language. Multi-linguist people are aggregating among nations because of globalizations. Sports: it has developed relationships among nations for example, cricket, football and so on. TO sum up, the knowledge of current affairs is vital for all people for keeping up with the whole world. Finally, I would like to say that current affairs is a very important subject which is helpful for us to keep up with modern civilization.

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