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Therefore we should be careful on making judgments

I found Ethics very interesting course. First reason that made me interested in this course is the lecturers. They are new professors with many years of experience and knowledge. Second, honestly to say, I didn’t have clear understandings about the meaning and knowing of ethics. So I was willing and desired to study this course.

During our first lecture I got to know what I did not know before. What’s more I liked the way of lecturer’s teaching. They were not only teaching, but also providing with their own life experience. In the class we were given some articles to discuss and present in groups. These articles were about ethical issues that are concerning (worrying) whole the world. While presenting our opinions about these topics we came across with different opinions that are opposing each other. After this I understood the main purpose of learning ethics. As we know all of us have different views, perspectives and understandings of certain things.  Sometimes we do not know what is right and what is wrong.

Therefore we should be careful on making judgments.  Otherwise it may lead to bad consequences like conflicts or even a war. For example, one of the articles was about a Sri Lankan young girl who was working as a babysitter in Saudi Arabia. She was accused of killing a baby. After several years of keeping her in prison the girl was killed. But to me it was cruelty. I think that it is an erroneous judgment toward her.  Because they did not consider that she was no reason to kill her as she was poor and was working hard to help her family. I believe that it may be an accident as well.  Even intervention of Sri Lanka and some other organizations could not change the decision of the Saudi Arabia Court. We are hearing many stories just similar to this.  If you noticed there is many unfairness happening in this world, especially with the poor countries.

I hope and wish that this course will be beneficial to everyone on making moral judgments. In order to eliminate and avoid this kind of mistakes in future. 


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