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The two main causes of the family break ups

It is me again with the second week of contemporary ethical issues, and today’s reflection I will discuss a very common issue among teenagers, divorce. The divorce rate is rapidly increasing and I would wonder what it will be after another ten years. With the improvement of technology and communication, it is supposed couples to communicate more and avoid problems that could lead to divorce. However, this works the reverse and people are not utilizing the technology to improve their relations. Based on my understanding during the lecture and a research I have done, I will examine the causes and effects of divorce in today’s society.

Man and women in this world depend on each other and to keep human existence these two should live together or in another words should get married. It is beyond doubt that human beings have been practicing marriage from the past to present and as the time passes they will continue practicing it. Nevertheless, some couples are unable to maintain their relationship; therefore they choose divorce which is the legal separation between husband and wife. In this essay, I will examine the causes of divorce and its effects on society. The two main causes of the family break ups are: the changing roles of women and lack of communication and enough time to share, and these results have profound negative impacts on society specially children and women.

The roles of women in the society have greatly changed during the last two decades due to gender equality and balance. In early times, the family depended on men for living and men have to work to cover all the needs of his family, hence this left the women to fully depend on their husbands in terms of money. This means that since women could not make money, they have to ask and wait everything from their husbands. However, owing to some changes of employment opportunities women now have same status as men and in some jobs women are preferred. This allowed women to be entirely independent from their husbands and make money to survive and cover their needs. On the other hand, men were forced to share their parts of house chores and caring the children. Due to the fact that many women can earn as much money as men do, they prefer to live alone and end their relationships if mistakes or disagreements take place.

In addition many couples are not communicating and sharing enough time to another because of increased workload and being over busy in modern times. Many husbands and wives are not getting enough time to discuss and solve family problems hence this increases the likelihood of divorce. These couples get stressed and as a consequence minor problems turn into huge problems that lead to divorce. It is advisable for every husband and wife to think and find adequate time to communicate and focus on solving issues that matter. For this reason, the rate of divorce in the modern society will be immensely reduced.

The two causes mentioned above are the main factors that bring about divorce, and they have severe drawbacks on society. Firstly, children of separated families are more probably to get pregnant as teenagers, drop out of high schools, abuse drugs and have aggressively emotional and behavioral problems, which lead to social problems such as crimes. Secondly, divorced women find difficulty to marry again because some cultures are not good to marry a divorcee. Consequently, the divorced women get disappointed to live happily and they might end up becoming prostitutes. Thirdly, men are not exceptions but somehow they also suffer from some psychological problems in arranging new lives. Overall, divorce is the only solution to solve problems in some families who fail to live in harmony, despite it has extremely negative impacts in the society in many ways.

In conclusion, the emerging new roles of women in the society and poor and lack of adequate time to communicate and share family problems are the triggers of divorce. On the other side, family separation causes many problems that are faced by children as well as the divorcees. I would suggest for all teenagers to think carefully before they get married and consider many factors; this will help them to avoid family problems as much as possible. I would also recommend visiting psychologists and seeking advice from elder people to prevent ending marriage for the married couples.

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