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The Syrian civil war

In 1st week of our lecture Seminar on Current Affairs was held by our DVC professor Omar. This lecture was about introduction to the course. Just a day or two before our 1st lecture on Current Affairs was Town Hall meeting. That meeting was organized for the visit of presenter Form the United Nations. She was old lady, presenting the main objectives of the UN to all of us including staff of our university. That day was very memorable for me, because many questions were given by students which were really interesting.

However, my bad impression on that lady was, that she didn’t give exact answer to any question. The question such as “why don’t you help Syria to come out of that problem?” was really fascinating. The Syrian civil war is the main hot topic of all the time in media and news. Everybody was waiting for an answer, but she was just talking about UNs contribution to the world’s peace. She could escape from that question just by admitting that she was a member of Food section of UN, which means she is participated in activities that are related to the food problem in the world such as starvation and hunger.

In Syria, she said that they distributed foods and drinks in the streets to people. The next question was about The UNs stand, whether it was with the USA or the World. The meaning of a question was whether UN is dependent of USA or independent, is UN weaker than USA or is USA has a control over the media of UN? That question was really like a bomb. Her answer was “Yes”, she means that USA was more powerful than UN. She meant that there shouldn’t be a comparison between UN and USA, because UN is just an organisation but USA is a whole powerful country. I agree with her in terms of comparison. She wasn’t taking side of UN, but as she was a member, she was defending a reputation of UN in front of students. I do believe that , many secrets are being kept for the sake of UN’s reputation and it is actually for the good of all, because it would cause many problems if they tell all the secrets.

This week’s lecture was about introduction to the course and discussion on the event about UN. Our introduction was quite interesting and we started our course with full of interest.

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