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The need of women leadership in Civil Society

1. Name of the moderator:-

  1. Kavita Gurung

List of panelists:-

  1. Yug Tara Moktan

  2. Karma Dolma Gurung

  3. Umma Salma

  4. Pon Sambath

2. Topic

“The need of women leadership in civil society”

3. General Outline

Thesis statement: – Although there is lot of civil society organization working for women empowerment however, they have failed to solve the core issues of women and their problems because these civil societies fail to acknowledge and support the role of women leaders in bringing about change in women’s lives.

Supporting Points:-

a. Role of government is very weak in advancement of women.

b. Women rarely take up leadership positions although they play an active role in these organizations.


4. Outline for each panelist

Points covered by each panelist:-

  1. Problems and issues related to women

  2. Present situation of women leadership in NGO

  3. Barriers that destruct to take leadership position in NGO

  4. Suggestion to increase women leadership in NGO

Questions to be addressed by each panelist:-

  1. What are the major issues concerned with women?

  2. Why is there huge gap between women and men leadership in civil society?

  3. What are some of the challenges that are faced by women leaders?

  4. What are the stereotypes present about women leadership and do they still exist?

  5. How have been women able to overcome their traditional role in the society?

  6. What are some of the possible ways that can increase the number of women leaders in society?

6. Possible References

Division for the advancement of Women Department of Economic and Social Affairs United Nations.      (2007). Women in leadership roles. Retrieved June 6, 2013 from

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