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The mask of democracy! by Asaad Maher

Democracy, a big concept that’s compressed in a lecture of two hours! Though I read a lot about it and heard from different type of people about it, I feel that I didn’t get adequate image about it. It’s the only concept I heard one definition about it and different opposing way of implementing, and what Dr. Hamid was talking about is also a new one! I was wondering why only focusing on democracy more than others, I found that my wonder always drives me away from the point, let me come back to the point again.

Dr. Hamid was carrying on explaining about and everything seems to ok with me until he reaches the point which says “in democracy people are leading themselves by themselves which means the majority is authority and they are having freedom of everything” I, immediately, came back to the history to make sure of this point, unfortunately, what I found was really shame –and I’m sorry for this word- I found that what is written is totally different from the real world, and that doesn’t mean democracy is a lie, but it means those who claim that they’re practicing democracy, are far away from it.

Let’s take some examples to draw a clear image of what I’m talking about. First, look at the case in Egypt. The majority of the people selected Mohammed Mursi to lead the country and after the election was done and Mursi was officially selected to be a president of Egypt, Shafiq, the opposition side didn’t agree with that and they’re trying to put him down until this time. The worst point here is that Shafiq and his followers were claiming democracy and whoever is selected by votes it’s ok as long as his aim is to bring Egypt to a bright future. This is one case shows the lie of those claimers.

The second example is France. It’s known by following democracy system, but in fact, it’s not. Take the case of Hijab. France bans the wearing of Hijab in public places even in school and university, and worse than that the government charges those who wear Hijab an amount of money as a fine. It can be seen clearly that there is no respect for an individual freedom, where freedom of expression is a fundamental part in democracy, in fact, what they want to do it though it’s wrong, is correct, and what they don’t like though it’s right, is wrong and it’s not considered as a right. I think these examples are enough to proof what I said about democracy was correct and I might be wrong.

At the end of the lecture there was a reflective question that was raised by Dr. Hamid which is “what is the shortcoming of the democracy nowadays? My answer was that, first; it’s not implemented the way that should be implemented. Second, it need to be-if my expression is correct- Islamized meaning to say, it’ll follow the rule of Islam and whatever is there, in the current democracy that opposes Islam, should be removed and substituted, for example people ruling themselves by themselves, in it should be substituted by people rule themselves by the religion instead of by themselves, and many other. I believe that if this change applies in the democracy nowadays it would improve the people and whole the world. Here I put down my pen to see you next week.

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