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The Great War

In this week, the topic that we were discussing was still about United Nation (UN). Begin, we have been showed a short documentary video presentation regarding to The Great War. It shows the impacts of the world war.

This week, I would like to concentrate again on World War II which was greatly happened in 1914 – 1918 after the World War I. Many nations around the world involved in the war such as Germany, France, Russia, America, Austria, Belgium and some others. Through the war and impacts that have been shown in the video, it makes me realized of being grateful for not to be born on that era of war. The war had caused a lot of destruction, death and so on.

In addition, this World War II also has given an improvement of mankind in their creation of great technologies. Besides that, from result of World War II was the formation of the United Nations (UN). After the First World War, the Allies had created the League of Nations (LoF), with the purpose to keep peace and stability in the nations. It was the first global organization in history, but it had several problems, which led to World War II. After that the United Nation was established with the aim to protect of human right worldwide. When they created the United Nations on October 24, 1945, the Allies made sure to improve the UN to more high level.  They were splitting the power among five major countries such as United Kingdom, France, United States, China, and USSR Instead of just two or three, as in the League of Nations.

For me, the United Nations has big responsibility in bringing the peace into the nations and makes the future war to be impossible. UN like give us live in new breath with peaceful. Without UN may be our world or country around the world cannot solve war or any conflicts easily.

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