The food issue by the UN style

Prof. Omar back again in this week with the theme of United Nation. Actually, the lecture was like questions and answers open session. Everything was almost the same like what Dr. Ahmed taught us in the prior week.  However, what was special in prof. Omar’s lecture is that, he has disclosed the weakness of the United Nation and brought some examples of its failure, like the Arab-Israel dispute and the Kashmir one as well. Further, his way of telling a background of a history is easy and logically sequenced.

Moreover, the lecture has reminded me about the case of our food issue. I think almost, if it’s not completely, the same. I could see the failure of our management in managing our food matter. Justifications for the mistakes and promises for improvement were given, the same like UN, but unfortunately, nothing has been done so far. I was here for the whole two years and a half, the food issue was raised as if we don’t have anything to discuss except this one. The scenario went on, and as it’s known, in every conflict there is a guilty, the guilty person instead of admitting his great mistake and making the situation better, he stills committing his crime and covering himself by the power is called “authority”.  This scene from the horrible movie is exactly the same with what Israel is doing in Palestine.

In fact, I got something from this incident which is different from what I got last week, which is that, dictator can be even in an aware country, if he could be in a university where the knowledge are taught and implemented, like our case. However, when the situation became worse and almost 80 students were admitted to clinic out of food poison, the person in charge is no longer seen around and there was an emergency case inside the university, so much so the Minister of health came to investigate the situation in here and, lastly, he came to the conclusion says that our canteen should be closed for that it’s not clean.

After this incident, they-the management- became speechless, and their position was the same like the government of Syria nowadays, and after they had been scandalized, they started to call for a meeting in a claim of making a peace in the area. I was surprised by the analogy I make, because everything was precisely the same, and based on that I can predicate the future and the appropriate end for this issue, which is that the person who is in charge of this will be given a sack, the same end like the Arabic spring countries’ end. In conclusion, this was an attempt to read the issue of food by the UN style. I hope you were pleased by my new style. Now, it’s time to put my pen down to see you for the last week.


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