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The first thing I would like to do is to consider about my religion

In week 7, we have learnt about five ethical frameworks which I have never learnt before. This lecture was given by Mr. Jamie and it was started by showing a video presentation. Then, he told us the story whereby there were a several lessons that we all have to think about that. In this session also, he had done a few surveys with the purpose to increase our understanding and to identify our own ethical style.

Based on my understanding, ethics is actually a system of moral principles and a branch of philosophy which defines what is good for individuals and society. It means that it should be accepted by society. In our life, before we do something or making decision, basically we will consider about our religion whether it is right to that thing or not. It means that ethics are also related to the religious belief of the society. Based on the survey that had done by Mr. Jamie regarding ethical style, most of the students were following or considering their own religion in making decision.

For me, personally, before making any decision, the first thing I would like to do is to consider about my religion. If that thing is not allowed to do in my religion, I will try to avoid it as much as I can. If it is allowed or right based on my religion perception, then I will do it. For instance, in my state which is Pattani, everyone is considering religion at the first place before making any decisions whether it is right or wrong. As we know, ethics are defines as what is good for the individuals and society. So, it means that ethics is interconnected with the religion as religion is accepted by everyone in our society. But sometimes, I think my emotions also could influence my decision which I tried to avoid it.

After explaining and discussing about ethical style, we proceed discussing about ethical framework which is divided into five ethical frameworks with a different concepts. There are relativist ethics, divine ethics, command ethics, utilitarian ethics, deontology ethics and virtue ethics. Firstly, relativist ethics is a system of moral principles which is depending on our own belief on society, community and individuals. Besides, it also depends on the situation which based on social norms and one’s belief of right or wrong. Secondly, divine command ethics is the belief and moral standards which are based on God’s Law. It stated that anything which conforms to God’s Law is right and anything which breaks God’s Law is wrong.

Thirdly, Utilitarian ethics is the belief and moral standards that are depending on effects, results, and consequences which mean that anything is considered to be ethical if more people get benefit and less get suffer. Fourthly, deontology ethics is a framework that follows and depends on the rules, duty and obligation. It says that duty and moral rule is more important which considered as a science of duty. It means that anything is right and ethical if it is follow or based on the duty, rule and obligation. Fifthly, virtue ethics which it is mostly depends on a character of a person.

At the end of the session, Mr. Jamie also had done a survey regarding ethical frameworks in order to help the students identify their own ethical frameworks and to ensure that students understand each ethical frameworks very well and clearly. Based on the result of the survey, my own ethical framework is mostly based on my religion or God’s Law which is also known as divine commands ethics. To conclude, when we are dealing with a situation that actually we do not know and do not really understand about, we should not react on it because we do not have enough data to make a conclusion as we might get wrong interpretation. Besides, we have to think critically and do not jump into the conclusion.

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