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The Ethical Decisions and Frameworks.

To begin with, the relativist ethics, it is a community or people, environment , social norms, culture and beliefs. The ethical relativism says that no principles are universally valid. The strengths of the relativist ethics is first, it promotes tolerances of others cultures and second it keeps societies from falling apart.Some of the weakness is that we might be confused and think that what is positive or negative view points.

Moreover, the Divine command ethics is based on the beliefs that moral standards depends on Gods laws.It says that anything that conforms to gods law is right ; and anything that breaks gods law is wrong.

“Your body is the gift of the god” The strength of the divine command ethics is the standard form of an authority that is higher in human right. The weakness is that it depends on the religion how they practice it.

Furthermore, the utilitarian ethics its the consequences.This framework says that anything is ethical if t benefits the people , anything is ethical if it is less of suffering to the people , anything that is ethical if it has effective result if the consequences is good.

Hence, the virtue ethics or deontology ethics , it follows the rules and duties and obligations.It says that anything which is ethical of it is a rule or a law, anything is ethical if it is a duty towards something and anything is ethical if it is an obligation to something. It also states that if a person does good he is good and the virtue is based on the belief of the moral behavior and the intention of a person.

Week 7 – Reflective diary -By Shagufa Shahista Mahboob

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