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The end of Seminar Current Affairs

Today’s is the last day of current affairs class. The lecturer summarize more for the whole semester. From my opinion, this class had going well even I could not get some of the valid information about some issues. For the first time when I attend the class, I taught I will be taught about the current issues but I was wrong. Not only I have been taught about current issues, also about other some organization such as United Nations.

From my point of views, this subject should be as alternative subject for the student. Some of the students might not like such history subject much.I do not like much to talk and discussed about the current issues, political perception, war, history, culture and so on. So, for me it should be as alternative subject. However, I still feel some enjoyment while in class. I started feel interesting while we discussed about globalisation. From that moment, I am trying to follow this class smoothly and understand it. In the future, I will try my best not to conclude something before I gone through it.

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