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The Do’s and Don’ts in Ethics by Syakirah Anati

Ethics is the art and science of judging moral behaviors (good and bad) , which have serious consequences (harm and reward) on human well being, society and environment.

During the Ethics tutorial class, we had discussed on the Do’s and Don’ts of Ethics in various aspects such as Business Ethics, Media Ethics,Political Ethics, Internet/Facebook Ethics, Sports Ethics, Health Care/Medical Ethics and Educational Institutions Ethics.

Nowadays, all this issues become as common issues all over the world especially in Political and Business Ethics. As we can see, there are part which bring advantages as well such as like fair rules, formality, licensing, and increasing in research and development  In order to develop a country, the business and trades are really important, so the cooperation between government to give the license for a company or corporation are really need to increase the economy of a country. However, there are more corruption occurs in both sides, such as the business company are focusing on profit-oriented and cheating of using raw materials. Besides, the government also taking advantage by earning more money through charging high taxes and tariff. This is obviously shows the unethical manner in business and politics.

On the other hand, the health and medical care also have their ethics issues. Everyday, they will be patients who need the treatment from clinics or hospitals. As doctors,nurses, and pharmacists their roles are giving the good medication and treat the people. They must be alert about their patient diseases such as diabetic persons, who lack of substances in their body,so they must notice the best medication for their patient by giving insulin to replace the diminishing of substances.

In addition, they have the biggest responsibilities in saving individuals life even though they are in leave or weekends . This really shows a very good ethical where they are ready for any emergency cases. However, there are also unethical manners in this issue whereas the doctors of today will give a lot of medicine, but actually the medicine given are not even good to generate in the body and doesn’t shows any final results. Besides, there are a lot of cases where the hospitals or clinics are careless in giving treatment which causes more side-effects.

I had an experience where my uncle need to suffer from the wrong medicine given by a hospital which his body become swollen and black. The hospital supposed to give medicine for treating fever but they give different medicine which gave him such a big impact until he can’t go to work about two months. This is clearly shown that, the unethical manner in medical and health care issues which can lead of suffering and even dead of their patients.

In conclusion, in every issues in this world has their ethical and unethical manner which can bring the happiness, peaceful, stability in economy and fair rules of a country. However, it is undeniable, where there are some corruption in a country by abusing their countries information, racism, increase in tariff and being hippo-crates in order to gain benefit for themselves.

14th February 2013

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