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The Dark and Sunny Sides of Globalization

Globalization is the fusing of different cultures, ideas and people due the improvements in communication and transportation.

Globalization has consequences and most of which are positive and others are not.

One of the positive impacts of globalization is that there are new business opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors. Businesses are flourishing all over the world due to the ease in getting human and natural resources from different parts of the world. For example Chinese companies can get oil from Africa to power their industries without much difficulty also American companies can easily get workers from across the globe with ease.

Another consequence is that it has brought understanding between people of different cultures due interactions in schools, work places and also due to inter-cultural marriages, this has in a way resulted in peace and harmony between people of different cultures.

Globalization in some way has helped propelled technology due in that people can easily share ideas on new technologies and inventions.

Globalization also has some negative impacts of one which is Westernization; this involves people abandoning their culture (lifestyles) for the western culture, which they believe is superior to theirs. This occurs in many forms such as; dressing like westerners do, listening to western music, talking like westerners etc.  The western media is a powerful agent in propagating this filth.

Furthermore globalization has resulted into what I describe as self-hate, people no long have self – esteem in and respect for themselves, they not only discard their cultures but also the do not value their nature. This is manifested in the acceptance of western standards of beauty as the universal standards of beauty. These standards include being ‘white’, being blonde and having blue or green eyes, having large eyes. A lot of people undergo often dangerous cosmetic surgeries so that they could meet up to these standards or buy products that are made up of harmful chemicals so that they can make them look western.

Another negative impact of globalization is that it has led to damages to our environment  and our  eco -system due to pollution , climate change etc. this is caused by waste from manufacturing  industries , cars etc. and all these has been facilitated by globalization.

In conclusion, globalization has its negative impacts as well as it positives impacts as well.

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