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The Biggest Problems in The Universe

In the sixth lecture, I did not attend the class. I was hospitalized for 4 days from Monday to Thursday. Therefore, I did not know how the class was and what they were talking about. However, my friends told me that it was about the five biggest problems in the universe. In my opinion, as we know that actually, there are so many problems surrounding the world. I think, the five biggest problems are corruption, poverty, over population, lack of clean water, and climate change.

Corruption happens in each country. Expectation of having much money is what governments have. Therefore, they do corruption for their own interests or purposes. Until now, they still do it without any concern to the societies. No one can take action and make it disappear, even police. Only ourselves awareness can reduce any corruption.

Another biggest problem is poverty. I think it is because of the government as well. Shortage of concern from the government to the societies is one of the causes of poverty. They have to take care of the societies and help us. Even the education problems, there are a lot of people in the world even in my country do not go to school or continue their study. There should be a help for them, whether it is from government or generous and rich people. As what Tan Sri Mukhtar Al Bukhary does, he gives us free scholarship without asking any payment from us. I was so excited when I heard that I get this scholarship, because with the underprivileged background, I had not known what I should do if I do not get it. Besides that, we also should create many improvements in our life so that the standard of living and education can be improved as well.

Nowadays, the population is always increasing every year. That can cause scarcity in many countries.  In my country, the population is too many, particularly in Java Island, there are very crowded population. However, as I know, Alhamdulillah until now, there is no scarcity because the supply is sufficient. But we should prevent it. In Indonesia, there is a system which is to avoid the over population, we call it KB (keluarga Berencana). Some families, they use that system in their family, some of their reasons are they do not want to have many children because of their economic problems and maybe they have health problems as well. In the other hands, actually, the system is not good for our body. It will damage our health and our body slowly, especially for women, it is not good for them, and even it is not allowed in Islam if the reason is about economic problems. If I am not mistaken, in Islam, we only can prevent pregnancy, not abortion. And we are supposed to use halal way and halal product if we want to prevent it. Thus, by rules of Islam, I think we can solve the overpopulation problem.

Clean water is very important for us. Unfortunately, there are many scarcity of it in many countries. It is because their countries are far from water resources. However, there is also scarcity of water in some countries that are archipelago, I think it is because the people do not use water properly. Wastage of water is what we always do, and they also often throw rubbish in everywhere even in river and sea, and because of because of waste from factories as well. Therefore, there are many water pollution which can cause the scarcity. Thus, in my opinion, we should be aware of how important clean water for us, then tries to keep clean places that have water resources (sea or river). For the factories, they can cultivate/process the waste, thus it will not affect the water resources. We should use water as much as we need.

The fifth biggest problem for me is climate change. Depletion of atmosphere is one of the effects and human’s fault is the main cause of it. We often ignore our environment and do not take care of it. Throwing rubbish/litter wherever we want, using air conditioner which is too often in many rooms, effect of greenhouse, disposal of waste factory, and etc. Therefore, we should give concern to our environment in order to save the earth by doing recycling activities, reforestation, and many other ways.

Earth is the only place for us to live, so we have to be aware of how it is important and we should preserve the environment as much as we can. The government is one of the important roles, so they have to be able to take care of the societies and do the right things for us and they should not prefer to be more concern with their own needs or purposes, and be selfish.

For the tutorial class, I attended the class. In the class, we had been divided into two groups. Mr John Britto asked us to give some keywords in each topic. The topics were globalization and global warming. When I had heard the topics, I had been bored and lazy to discuss about the topics because we talked about it many times. I did not feel well at that time, because I came back from hospital at night on Thursday and then the next day, I had class in the morning. Thus, I could not be more focus on that tutorial and preferred to be quieter. In the other hands, I was interested after we started to discuss and compete with another group. There was a debate among the two groups. I and the other my group mates were a bit tough to find the keywords. For topic of globalization, the keywords that we got were language, worldwide business, tourism, international education, common currency, immigration/migration, political policies, economics growth, modernization, free trade, branding (KFC, Nokia, Samsung, and etc.), decrease in domestic products, taxation, pharmacy,/medicine, sports, fashion, e-commerce, exploitation, and ethical influence. Besides that, for the global warming, our keywords were climate change, greenhouse effect, ice melting, sea level rising (disappearance of islands), acid rain, natural disasters (typhoons and etc.), recycling, soil erosion, species in danger, and solar energy. My group’s keywords were more than another group’s, so we were the winner.

At the end of the tutorial, Mr John Britto asked us to do drama and panel discussion the week 9. Oh my God, I am so worried of that. I went directly from IEP to UGP, so I do not have any experience of doing panel discussion, even I am not kind of talkative person. I can only hope that I can do it well and get high marks. Amiin.

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