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The biggest problem of the world-by Miss Suneeda Dorloh

What are the biggest problem of the world? People talk about this question now. During this lecture each student has to give five examples of the biggest problem of the world and have to write it down on the board. Then every students has to write it down on the paper which is already given by the lecturer before go through the board.

Every day human creations produce pollution as a result of the devising and invention of machinery. Humans are responsible for nearly everything in the world that has been created and is the source of pollution.  Human being has its both good and bad sides of its own.

In my opinion the biggest problem facing human in the next 100 years is pollution such as nuclear waste. Atomic power is very good source of energy so humans can save oil. Humans can use water and many other things to make power but there are dangerous threatening things and nuclear waste is one of them because it doesn’t natural to the environment. Meanwhile all countries want to discover new knowledge. I think they don’t think about what might happen in the next century or in future. This is a serious problem, like what to do with the waste because we are no longer allowed to throw them into ocean or bury it under ground. This waste can cause the earth to be destroyed, so it is impossible to grow anything in that area.

The possible solution is we can use that energy just for some special cases. Politicians should not use this energy for war weapons, Atomic bombs or experiment on humans’ body. The devastation caused to Hiroshima and Chernobyl shows that atomic weapon and power can have irreparable results.

As people are living longer today and Science is more advanced than ever before, the results of mistakes made now will be visited on the unborn generations to come. Human history has been an expert witness to tragic events from the past. We should do anything we can to prevent such tragic events occurring.

For the tutorial section, we had a motivating and thought-provoking exercise by our lecturer. During this tutorial we divided in the two group among the student in class to point the different factor which related to the global warming. Then we moved to board and list down point one group after another. For the ideas can’t be the same of two group and if one group is not satisfied with another’s point they can remove that point include the good value or good reason of explanation as well. This activity it’s really inspired me and my friend to think through our idea in the case of globalization issue and global warming issue. After all, the lecturer didn’t announce any winner, though my group got more points. Anyway, this was a good lesson for us to learn more in using the specific view of the reasoning which are relate to the global warming and globalization as well.

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