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Surrogate mothers

A surrogacy is an arrangement through which an infertile couple can acquire a child by involving another woman to carry the pregnancy to the term and hand over the child to the childless couple after delivery. Altruistic and commercial surrogacy are two types of surrogacy. Altruistic Surrogacy is an arrangement between a woman and a couple or individual to carry and deliver a baby without financial benefit. Commercial surrogacy where there is financial benefit for carrying the child. Surrogate motherhood is a very controversial issue.  Being a parent is a very important part of life to many people and for some couples as it is the only means of having a child. Therefore, surrogacy should be legal. But people differ in their beliefs about whether this is ethical.

There are several social arguments related to surrogate mother. Some countries allow it when some others have strong disagreement with this. From my view I also want to say this should not be allowed as it creates many problems for both sides as well as the child in future.

Most of the surrogate mothers find that it is difficult for them to separate from the baby and hand in the baby to the intended mother. This is due to the fact that the surrogate mother gives greater warmth during pregnancy and they are emotionally contacted and attached to the baby. Surrogates can change their emotional feeling after giving birth. Most surrogate motherhood contracts, the contracted woman is expected to give up the child that she has borne over approximately nine months to another couple. The problem is that surrogate mother naturally bonds to her child during pregnancy, and giving up their child often hard to do. If a surrogate mother does fight back for their child, that means she broke the contract.On the other hand surrogate mothers may be tending to distance themselves from the unborn baby with the belief that the child is not theirs. It may further damage the woman’s psychological health

Many surrogates already have children. The health and stability of her children, especially if raised by her, are used as guidelines. The ethical problem deals with these other children of the surrogate. They see that their mother is going to have another brother or sister for them. Then they see their mother go to the hospital, and return without their other sibling. This is a very sympathetic for the child of surrogate mothers as he waits for the child as siblings.

The surrogate mother faces various risks to her health by getting pregnant. In other words, in any pregnancy there are risks to the woman’s life and health. The medical difficulties that will be faced by the surrogate mothers are namely high blood pressure, diabetes, bleeding or premature labour. They may result in the need for medical treatments such as drugs.

The surrogate mother is at risk of exploitation in commercial surrogacy. Commercial surrogacy is a service of providing children to other couples. The commercial surrogate mother is often paid for their services. The financial problem is often used as a reason to become a surrogate mother. Surrogacy may exploit women from a more economically disadvantaged background, such that women may enter into a surrogacy arrangement because of financial hardship without being fully aware of the potential risks. The median fee paid to surrogates by the couple wanting a child is $10,000.

If the baby is born with physical disabilities the couple use to blame the surrogate mother and they do not want to take the child. There are the possibilities that some of the couple might refuse to take care of the problem baby and they will blame the clinic or the surrogate mother herself. This controversial issue will lead to an unhappy situation that requires solving this problem in the court that wastes of money and time . Once the child is born, the nurturing parents face some problems. Like how to tell this child about how it was born. Maybe the most difficult to explain to a child is the fact that his nurturing parents paid for the ability to raise him or her.

Surrogacy will also lead a problem to a marriage. The infertile woman will be put under tremendous stress with the decision of having a baby through the means of surrogacy. There is the pressure placed on her by her husband’s need to be the biological father of the child. In combination these pressures might cause arguments between the couple, which may potentially lead to a breakdown of their marriage.

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