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Surrogacy as commercial

Week 9 lecture was all about contemporary ethical issues such as abortion, suicide, surrogate motherhood and cloning. This week lecture class was more active than comparing with other weeks because the students were so interested on all the topics and they shared their very different point of view. The class became very active when the topic comes to surrogacy. Since it was the hottest topic of the day, for this week reflection, I would like to share my point of view on surrogacy.

Surrogacy means the practice of giving birth to a baby for another woman who is unable to have babies herself. Some couples, they have got married and the women cannot give birth because of many reasons. Some women cannot have babies by her because of health problems, some are too weak to get pregnancy, some have abnormal uterus and so on. For these reasons, that kind of women are unable to be pregnant and they cannot make babies for their husband.  So, the term surrogacy is appeared to solve these kinds of problems. That kind of family has only two options, either adopt other people child or using surrogacy way.

Here, we need to give consideration about it is ethically acceptable practice or not. Some Western countries accepted that surrogacy is legal and ethical but most Asian countries unaccepted that it is illegal and unethical. There are many issues left behind the surrogacy like some people are doing surrogacy as commercial. Many of the couples are doing surrogacy because their intention is to get the babies even though they are unable to have. If they adopt other people children, the children will be nothing concern with their blood. All 100% will be other people blood but if they do the surrogacy, at least 50% will their blood which is better than any other ways.  Therefore, they have to find other women who can give birth for their child and it is not an easy thing to get a woman for surrogacy case. Therefore, the commercial business of surrogacy appears. This means that they will find a random woman and if a woman can give birth to their child, that couple will give her the money as a kind of business. Because of it, surrogacy become illegal and unethical since they are paying for surrogate mother is a kind of renting or buying human body.

For my point of view, I accept that surrogacy is ethical because I have my own reasons. Since they are not killing anyone like abortion and they are trying to get the babies by their own way, we cannot easily say that it is unethical. As long as they are not harming to other people, I think it is acceptable because no one want to become like this but they have no option rather than this. Even the commercial surrogating is ethical for me because both are having the benefits and they have their agreement on it. As long as their intentions are pure and they are not making trouble to others, I think it is ethical.

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