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Summary of the course

Introduction to ethics is a subject which is important for all students and staffs here, since we all have come from different country, from a different background. What we learn in this course is how to make ethical decisions in our life. I especially liked my tutorial teachers’ teaching style, which made things easier and very understandable. I very much like the activities he carried out in the class since it involved everyone’s ideas and opinions.

Some of the things I learnt from my colleagues. There were lots of new ideas and opinions which my colleagues shared was so interesting to hear. To add on, there were lots of good ideas contributed when we were preparing for our panel discussion. It was a great idea of our lecturer mr John Britto who offered the idea of group work. Indeed it was very beneficial for students hence it was enjoyable also.

Our lecture class was also bit interesting as tutorial class. Especially mr Jaimes’ class he doesn’t only teach theory in lecture but involve all students to participate in learning activities such as quiz, giving out opinions. Hence he also prefer active learning styles like mr John. Other lectures were also good since all lecturers worked hard for this course as we did.

Finally, ethics plays a vital role in our life as we have learned lots of things in this course. I really liked this course, whereby I learnt lots of things not only from my lecturer but my colleagues too. I was a great experience learning with them. I look forward to see the same lecturer and my same collegues too.

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