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Socrates and Calicles

Week 4 was on 4th February 2013 for lecture section. Prof Evangelos Afendras gave lecture to us about “Philosophy and Ethical Thinking in Ancient Greece.” It was about trading situation surrounding Greece, where the Greece trade and established colonies ca 550 BCE. In the slide, he wrote that Greece and Phoenicians were in Greece colonies in border Mediterranean area. In that area, they did trading, settling and inter marriage each other.  In ethics, we needed to be aware of differences. Besides that, ethics was relative. The things which were good for you might not be good for other people.

Furthermore, Prof Evangelos Afendras also told a story about “pleasure, love, justice, happiness, and the good.” It was a conversation between Socrates and Calicles. In that conversation Socrates asked some question to Calicles whether good and evil fortune were opposed to each other or not. He gave some pictures for that question. He asked about ophthalmia. If a man had the complaint in his eyes, was it called ophthalmia? Calicles answered yes. Then, Socrates asked again whether that man could not have the same eyes well at the same time? Calicles answered no. Afterwards, Socrates continued. When he had got his ophthalmia, he had got rid of his eyes too. In the final result he got rid of them both together. Because of that, Socrates supposed that he was affected by them in turns. Another example was when u felt thirsty, u would be feeling painful. However, if you drank, you would be pleasure after you drank. That showed that we might have strength and weakness in the same way by fit.

From here I reflected that, Greece gave important influence in past development. Most scholars were from Greece and the language used in education was Greek. That was why Greece gave much influence in the social development of the past.

For tutorial session, it was on 7th February 2013. We studied had quiz and Mr Jaime explained about how to make reflective diary. Our reflective had to be conciseness, transparency and different. That was all my reflection for week 4.

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