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Covering letter


Alor Setar



The Deputy Director (PC)

Council For Advancement of People

Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA)

(Under the aegis of Ministry of Rural Development,

Govt. of Malaysia)

Bangunan Plaza Alor Star Jalan Stesyen,

Off Jalan Langgar 05000 Alor Setar, KEDAH

Dear Sir,


Anthem Institute of Development is a registered non-profit voluntary organization working for community development for the past 10 years. We are in process of empowering single mother in Taman PKNK, Alor Setar Kedah.

The purpose of this workshop is to empower the skills of sewing to the participants.  This workshop also intended to empower single mother to change their own lives without depending others’ help. We realize that most of women are tend to depend on others in their lives. Most of married women are depending on their husband for the family financial, so when they lost their husbands, they do not know what to do to survive their lives and just hope that there is someone to help them. This workshop is one of the efforts of making single mothers to create a better life.

We appreciate your consideration toward this program.

Thank You,


(Siti Nor Azimah Bt Shuaib)

Director of Innovation

Anthem Institute of Development

Skill Development for Single Mothers at Taman PKNK, Alor Setar, Kedah



Submitted by


No 45, Jalan Changkat 3/B, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Table of contents





Cover letter



Cover page



Table of contents



Executive summary



Problem of statement



Project description






Organizational information








Executive summary

This skill development workshop is expected to focus on the single mother around the Taman PKNK area which is near located at Jalan Langgar, Alor Setar to empower them with a new skill which can be helpful to give them many benefits.

We have seen many of the single mothers lost their main income as they lost their husbands. This might be because most of them were just housewives while their husbands used to be the one who support the family with their income. Losing their husbands because of certain reasons may give them a big shock in life where sometimes it might cause them lose their way to suddenly support the family by their own. It is totally difficult as some of them only used to manage the family without knowing the way to get their income by working. Hence, this skill development workshop is proposed to help these single mothers in various ways.

This skill development workshop is expecting the involvement of single mothers around the mentioned area with the participation of maximum 30 persons. The limited number of participants is concern because we are trying to focus on few numbers of people for this first time workshop so that they can get fully attention on that particular day. The workshop will be focusing on the sewing skills only. The objective of this proposed workshop is to enhance those skills to the single mothers which later on can help them boost their income as well as to promote business minded community.

Approximately RM 17,367.60 is needed to make sure this workshop can be held which the required costs are all mentioned in budget section.

Statement of need

Taman PKNK is located in Alor Setar near Jalan Langgar, Kedah and this place is occupied mostly by Malay. Most of the people here live in a comfortable life but there are certain families here that struggle for their lives those we sometime did not notice. The world nowadays is a technology’s world, there are many ways to increase income; just we need to know the right way to do it. Mostly, single mother often rely on others to support their financial problem. ‘If you give people fish they will eat for the day but if you teach them how to fish, they will eat for the whole life’. We are not helping them by giving cash, but we are helping them by teaching them how to make cash.  This workshop will empower them to change their life and give them new hope to survive. Single mother did not know how to earn money and they did not have skills that can help them to support their lives because before they were too depending on their husband for family financial. Even there are few single mothers that have the sewing skills; they did not know how to market their product, the clothes that they produced. During this workshop participants also will be teach by professional trainers how to use their skills properly. This workshop also intended to empower women to have strong influence in society, women often do not have confident to compete with outside world. That is why they often being left behind and forgotten by society. With this workshop, single mother will be exposing to sewing skills and clothes business. When they have the skill, they can use the skill to earn some money. This program will not just helping the single mother but also will help other people by making this program as a role model in Alor Setar. When people see this program succeed, they will tend to follow the step of those single mothers and they will become more competitive in order to succeed.

Project description


Our program will enhance single mother’s skill and increase their income.


This skill development-training program will assist 30 single mothers from Taman PKNK, Alor Setar, Kedah in improving their skills in sewing and nurture entrepreneurship skill by giving training as guidance and tutorials. Thirty single mothers will learn to sew cloths within five months and will pass a basic sewing proficiency test administered by a Jabatan Kemajuan Masyarakat (KEMAS) organization.

Strategy and activity

The program will requires gathering relevant data from the specified documents to indicate the statistics of single mothers and who are interested to join this program. Data collection or information will consist of surveys, Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat observations and interviews. After receiving information about the participants, we will find out training center that considers the convenient and free training center. In conjunction with that, we would prefer to make at Dewan Orang Ramai, Taman PKNK. Subsequently, three trainers from Jabatan Kemajuan Masyarakat will be hired to develop and help the participants during the course of study.

Six sewing machines will be rented from Jabatan Kemajuan Masyarakat (KEMAS) during this program. All needed accessories will be provided by the organizer to the participants.

Consequently, the training on sewing for thirty single mothers including three trainers will be started. The program will be held on every weekend from 9AM to 5PM and will be continued until five months. The participants will be provided with sewing accessories and refreshment during the program.

This program included a talk on marketing to enhance the marketing skill among the single mothers. The talk on marketing will be in collaboration with expertise in marketing field, which is Dr. Azizan Osman.

Subsequently, an organizer in collaboration with Jabatan Kemajuan Masyarakat and Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA) will facilitate the participant to market their product. A website and social media will be created in order to market their final product through online basis and attempt to find a strategic and a marketable place to market

Therefore, the skills evaluation on sewing will be evaluated by the expertise in collaboration with Jabatan kemajuan Masyarakat (KEMAS) in line to give standard benchmark. At the end of the program the participant will receive participation certificate.

Time Frame Training M1M2M3M4M5 Training 1-4 Training

5-8 Training

9-12 Training

13-17 and Talk on Marketing by Dr. Azizan Training

18-21 and certificate giving ceremony



Thirty single mothers will enhance their sewing and entrepreneurship skill. A greater understanding and manageable to market their product and satisfy customers demand.


Participants will employ the skills after being developed during five months in this program.


The participants can increase their skills, income and change to live in a better life without financial problems.


Siti Nor Azimah Bt Shuaib

Director of Innovation,

Anthem Institute on skill development,

No 45, Jalan Changkat 3/B,

Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Contact number: +60123684690

Azimah is a specialist in social studies, graduated from Rikkio University and she is the

Director of innovation of Anthem Institute of Development. As a specialist in social studies, she will be responsible for reporting for this single mothers’ skill development program.

Raja Siti Nurfarah Bt Raja Hassan

Professor and Executive Director,

Anthem Institute on skill development,

No 45, Jalan Changkat 3/B,

Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Contact number: +60123684457

Raja Farah was a professor of marketing at the University of Macquarie, Australia. She has taken in the Macquarie School of Business Graduate Teaching Excellence Award and the Award for Outstanding Professor, PhD Programs. Considered her experiences in many programs, she will be handling and examining the project outcomes for this program.

Nurul Afiqah Bt Ahmad Sabri

Member Executive Operating Team,

Anthem Institute on skill development,

No 45, Jalan Changkat 3/B,

Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Contact number: +60123686688

Nurul Afiqah is a commercial Sales Operation. In her role, Afiqah is responsible for enabling sales productivity, business growth and customer experience while driving operational excellence and flawless execution. For this program, she will handle the financial management and budgeting.

BudgetBudget cost (RM)Budget narrative

–          20.00Survey

–          30 papers of printed questionnaire

–          4000.00Rented sewing machine for 5 months

–          RM 100 per day per machine (100x8x5)

–          500.00Accessories

–          Threads

–          Clothes

–          Pins

–          Sewing scissors

–          7500.00Salaries for 3 trainers

–          RM 500/per person/per month (500x3x5)

–          4320.00Refreshments

–          Tea, noodle rice, ‘kuih’

–          RM 3 /per person/per day (3x36x8x5)

–          1000.00Collaboration with Dr. Azizan Osman (expert in marketing)

–          Talk on marketing skill

–          27.60Certificates

–          Certificates paper (RM 12.60-30 papers)

–          Printing cost (RM 15-30 papers)


RM 17, 367.60

Organizational Information

Anthem Institute of Development is a non-profit and skill development organization that was formed in 2003. This institute was established to help to develop a community and create a better society. We have been worked for community development for the past ten years and we already done many program and project and most of it were succeed.  We started with Awareness campaign on Health & Family Welfare on 2004. The purpose of this program is to make people aware with their health and make people realize that they have to take care of their starting from young. This program also was intended to help poor family. This program was carried out at rural area in Selangor and was successful. After this program we continued to organize many others programs that can help to develop the community.

Anthem Institute of Development focuses in skill development to help people to create a new chance in their life. There are many different types of people that live in this world. Life is not just about you, it is about you, me, them and us. Anthem Institute of Development believes that together we can make a change. Anthem Institute of Development started in Petaling Jaya, Selangor and developed in all over peninsular Malaysia.


To become a successful non-profit organizational and being well known through all over the world


Expose to the community that community development will enhances individuals and enriches the community by delivering education and training.


Integrity: Our actions are at all times consistent with the highest ethical and professional standards.

Social Justice: We treat all people fairly and equally both in the community and within our own workplace.

Service Excellence: We meet and exceed all expectations of reliability and the highest possible standards of service quality for our program recipients, those for whom we deliver services and the community we serve.

Board members

Raja Siti Nurfarah Bt Raja Hassan

Professor and Executive Director,

Raja Farah was a professor of marketing at the University of Macquarie, Australia. She has received the Macquarie School of Business Graduate Teaching Excellence Award and the award for Outstanding Professor, PhD Programs. At Macquarie, she was a founding faculty member of the Center for Services Leadership and has been a leader in its emergence as the premier university-based center for the study of services marketing and management. She joined Anthem Institute of Development since she came back to Malaysia in 2004.

Nurul Afiqah Bt Ahmad Sabri

Member Executive Operating Team,

Nurul Afiqah is a commercial Sales Operations. In her role, Afiqah is responsible for enabling sales productivity, business growth and customer experience while driving operational excellence and flawless execution. She received her BBA in Marketing/Management from Tasmania University. She has more than 7 years of experience in Information Systems, Customer Service and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Siti Nor Azimah Bt Shuaib

Director of Innovation,

Azimah is a specialist in social studies, graduated from Rikkio University and she is the director of innovation of Anthem Institute of Development. She has leaded the development of marketing strategy in multiple areas including rural area and villages in Malaysia. As the Director of Innovation, Azimah has been instrumental in the creation of the Sense Aware platform including the product development, sales, alliance program, customer experience management and research and many more.

Staffs/Volunteers and Participants

Anthem Institute of Development has around 100 staffs in organization and they all are spread around Malaysia. Anthem main office is at Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Besides Selangor there are 5 more Anthem’s Centre in other state like Kedah, Terengganu, Kelantan, Pahang and Johor.  All the staff members are well qualified and have the capabilities in managing the organization. Anthem also have 50 volunteers from all over the Malaysia, most of them are still studying. They joined Anthem because they feel their responsibility for community and society, as a generation of Malaysia they feel responsible to develop the community and take care of Malaysia for the next generation. Anthem focus to community development because we believe that one small step can bring a big change. Together we can make a different.

Most programs that we did before involved a community, it is does not matter how old they are or either they are male or female as long as they interested to join, they are welcome to join Anthem. Just certain program that we focused on certain group like; giving free tuition to children, we just take children as the participants. Same goes to the program that involved women or single mothers, we just take single mothers and women to join it. But mostly we will make program that involve the whole community so that everybody can take part in the program.

Organization’s Program

1.         Awareness campaign on Health & Family Welfare.

2.         Conducted Awareness Generation Programmed on “Child Labor” to school going.

3.         Enhance the natural resources that available in the village (ongoing project)

4.         Conducted identification and surveys on “Dropouts” in education and prepared them for school going.

5.         Free tuition for children

6.         Bakery’s workshop for women

7.         Empowerment of women (business workshop)

8.         Conducted awareness campaigns on drinking water management, waste water management, irrigation water for Agricultural to rural people

9.         Plantation programmed for pollution control

10.       Marketing program

Special expertise

Anthem is not like other foundation or other organization that helping people with giving them money, Anthem Institute of Development is more than helping; we are empowering the society to develop their community. We give them skills and we teach them how to use the skills at the right places. One for all and all for one, Anthem Institute are willing to help those who are in need by giving those opportunities to change their life and create a better life. If we want to do or buy something, buy and do something that will benefit not only us, but also benefit other.


As a conclusion, we personally believes that this workshop is beneficial to the participants as it helps to enhance their skills and give them the opportunity to learn new skills which then later on can be helpful in their future. We kindly hope that the workshop will be working well as planned and full cooperation can be got from each party involved. With all the details given, we humbly hope that MARA can put this project under consideration to support this project so that the project can give us a big success in the future. Last but not least, we are hoping that this workshop will be successful and our objectives will be fully achieved by the end of the workshop.


Anonymous, (2011). “Kursus kemahiran anjuran KEMAS”. Retrieved on July 15, 2013 from anjuran-kemas/10150209246199961.

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