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Sikhism as a Religion – week 4 – by Aminath Afra

The fourth week was about several viewpoints of ethics. This lesson was attention-grabbing because some of them I knew only by name and there were also some that I never heard. For example: Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Zoroastrianism, Confucianism, thiruvalluvarism, Judaism, ECT. Those were some topics that I never heard the name or only heard the name but I didn’t know any information. This tutorial was interesting because I got to know more about the regions and the values. I decided to write about Christianity, because I had a little bit of knowledge about it.

Religion began from the teachings of Jesus in the 1st century AD. Its scripture is the Bible, mainly the New Proof. It says that Jesus is the Son of God, that God’s love for the world is a necessary section of his being. They believe that there is one God moreover they believe that there is a life after death. The place of worship is church and inside the church there are fathers and nuns. The Main Branches are: Orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant. Orthodox Christians: • The divisions among these Eastern Churches went back almost 1500 years, stopping from differences in the fifth century CE. • Later the East/West divisions of 1054, some Eastern Churches reunited with the Roman Catholic Church. Catholic Christians: • Are “Roman Catholic”; yet some groups still call themselves “Catholic,” but are no longer united with Rome. Protestant Christians: • Are split into thousands of different quantities, as well as “independent” or “non-denominational” groups. According my opinion I feel that there are some similarities in Christianity and Islam. As Muslims we believe that there is no God but Allah and Muhammad (sal) is his last messenger and we also believe that there is a life after death where we will be judge to the dead’s we did in this world. However we believe that God doesn’t have a son and no wife.

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