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same sex marriage is unethical

 Today lecturer was continuing by last week about “Contemporary Ethical issues”. However, different sub topics like same sex marriage, death penalty, animal right, internet privacy  and last one is same sex marriage. Dr. Faoisy was explain why there are gay marriage: one male and another one male dressing like female. Besides, he explained us although that kind of case is unacceptable for people; there are some countries which legalized same sex marriage like Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Denmark and so on. In U.S, some states are allowed and some states don’t.

In my opinion, same sex marriage is unethical since it against the natural. One student gave example in the class and I do agree with him. He said that if we allowed married with same gender, we cannot know what will happen in the future. Nowadays, there are some cases like married with dog, we don’t know whom will marriage later on. It is strongly unacceptable. In my opinion, we cannot call the marriage if they just get married. Marriage is a contract between a man and a woman by nature and systematically go to the the reproduction. After that parents educat the children and so on. However, in same sex marriage like two men or two women, is totally different from natural.  It is against the natural behaviors like biological, psychological difference between men and women. Besides, there will be no reproduction by natural. Although, they create to get child it can effect to the child. It cannot create family. Besides, traditional marriage give very nature and design, it provides the conditions of stable, loving, and moral atmosphere that is helpful to the education of children and so on. Moreover, it help the continuing the nation and strengthening society, an evident interest of the State. However, same sex marriage cannot give that situation.

Lastly, same sex marriage is unethical because it against the God. We, human are part of nature. It simple that we can find a lot of traditional marriage in nature and it is natural and while we cannot find same sex marriage. So, same sex marriage is unnatural and should not be legalized by society. If we legalize, the country becomes its official and active promoter. We have to tell on public about it officially. Besides, we have to public schools to teach its acceptability to children, and discipline any people who express condemnation.

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