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Same sex marriage, civil right and death penalty

Week 10 was one of the most enjoyable weeks in ethics class because of the topic discussed which were: same sex marriage, civil right and also death penalty.

First of all, the idea of same marriage sounds really absurd to me. Many countries around the world have voted laws to allow same sex marriage. The first reason of why two different gender get into ultimate intimacy is for the purpose of reproduction. People have sex because they need children. However, to make the process agreeable I believe the almighty added some enjoyable feeling or sensation to it. Thus, when two individuals of the same gender get married and get into their intimacy, their first goal is not for reproduction but for pleasure. Therefore, the Question is: what the purpose of creating a family when we are not excepting any children of our own? Of course it is useless to do so.

Next, people should have the right to elect whomsoever they want as their leader. Civil right is important in a society. Nations which do not respect the right of the civilians mostly end up witnessing bloodshed as such: Libya, Syria and many other developing countries. The voice of the people must be heard. After all, for things to advance in a society, there must some people to criticize them or complain about them. The fact that some people voice against the new health reform in the US made the government to even analyze more its proposal. Yes, people should be the center of any development.

More, death penalty is one of the most discussed topic in our world today. Many powerful countries have voted laws against death penalty. However, the truth hidden here is that prisons in the developed world are just some playground area where people play basketball, play football, workout in gym and get three meals a day. As we all know that very dangerous criminals do not mind being held behind bars. So why do we keep them in there then? Perhaps to overcrowd our prisons or to put more people at risk by letting them breed the young prisoners, who are about to end their sentence, with their horrible philosophies of murderers.

To sum up everything, human being are born to ensure the development of their society and the upcoming of a new generation of people. Let’s not ruin our society by restricting the people from their rights. After all, the people are the one that make our society what it is. I would say that death penalty should be ensured. There should n’t be any reward for whosoever kills an innocent human being. Abolishing death penalty is just like offering a second chance to a person who did offered one to his victim.

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