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Same sex marriage

Week 10 lecture class is the continuation of week 9 lecture that is the contemporary ethical issue as a main topic for this week. In this week, there were five sub interesting topics such as death penalty, insider trading, animal rights, internet privacy and same-sex marriage. All the topics are interesting, and among them I would like to reflect my knowledge and points of view for the same-sex marriage which is currently very famous nowadays. There are a lot of people from different parts of the world with different cultural backgrounds and different points of views are discussing this issue as one of the serious cases. Even in the lecture class, when our lecturer is focusing on this topic and asking questions to some of the students with different cultural backgrounds, there have got a lot of very different answers and ideas about same-sex marriage.

The same-sex marriage becomes very famous in the present time and the people who had the same-sex marriage have different purposes. What I understand about same sex-marriage is that two people got marriage that have the same gender such as male and male or female and female which we called as gay marriage and lesbian. But mostly in same-sex marriage couple, one of them pretends like the different gender which is actually not the different. Some people say that two people with same gender get married only if they have some sort of mental problems. In my point of view, I accept that it is possible because normal people will never get marriage with same-gender people. Normally people are totally attracted by the different gender and if someone is attracted by the same gender, it is a kind of abnormal behavior. In the world, there are almost equal amount of male and female population and there has no way to get married with same-gender unless it is necessary. The same-sex gender marriage can have a lot of negative effects and one of the most obvious effect is they cannot reproduce. Although there are many scientific ways developed to have child by marrying same-sex, it is not completely successful anyway. If most people support with the same-sex marriage, there will be many couple developed which can affect the population of the world.

People are fighting for the right of the same-sex marriage and in some country; they are given full rights for the same-gender marriage. It is true that everyone in the world should have the same right for their freedom and personally, I really like the freedom of choice. But, if the world is starting to accept the same-sex marriage, the number of couple will be improved day by day which is not a good sign for our community. Even most of our world religions do not accept the same-sex marriage. As far as I know and the religions says about getting marriage is combining two lives to have a family life and giving birth to the world for life cycle (reproduction). As the religion said, there are men for the every woman and every woman is meant for the men. If two people got marriage and they cannot give birth, there is no meaning for the getting marriage anymore. When taking the consideration this issue as ethically acceptable or not, for me, unless they affect other people in the bad ways, I accept it is ethical. This is their life and their choice, everyone should have the freedom of choice and no one should against their decision whether it is right or wrong.

In my country, Myanmar, same-sex marriage is not socially acceptable. Since it is a religious country and also an Asian country, the people are not modernize as the Western people and in their point of view, same-sex marriage is a kind of embarrassing case and sometimes, even the couple becomes the outsiders of the society. I do accept that we should not make other people to get annoy or to be embarrassed because of our action and it is really unethical for other people.

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