Same Sex Marriage / Animal Rights / Internet Piracy / Death Penalty / Insider Trading

I say no to same sex marriage, if people will start to do same sex marriage, first of all, there won’t be any second class generation, the economy won’t be able to progress if there will be same sex marriage. There will be no children produced. And children are our future. Same sex marriage will lead to a dark future. Secondly, animal rights is one of the issue which is very common in today’s my opinion, it is ethical to have animal rights. Animals are also similar to human, a living creature. It feels bad when someone hurts us, and particularly when they take our freedom from us. Same apply to animals they also feel what we feel. Behaving cruel towards them is not an act of human but worse than an animal.

Internet piracy is one of the issue in today’s generation. Millions of people use internet and other social sites, whereby they upload their pictures and also feed their personal information. But they set their accounts to privacy which leads to hacking. Recent issue going on now is hackers creates duplicate accounts by using others pictures and personal information and try to upload phonographic videos or some unappropriated links. It is very important for people who use social sites set their accounts into privacy.

Death penalty is not an ethical way to punish someone. Taking life is not our job it’s the job of someone who has gifted this life to us. If that person has harm or done something worse which is unforgivable, doesn’t not mean that we have to take life. If it’s so hard to forgive someone than its better to go away from that person. This will prevent you from getting angry or come up on some harmful act.

Insider trading, is truly an unethical act which shouldn’t be practiced by employees. For example, if a person is in the list of board of directors they know some confidential information about the company which lower management doesn’t know about it. Things which is beneficiary to the company, person tries to use that against company or in the name of company just for his benefit.


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