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Role of United Nations

The United Nations, founded in the 1945 is the world’s largest, foremost, and most prominent international organization. The stated aims of the United Nations include promoting   and facilitating cooperation in international law, international security, economic development, social progress,  human rights, civil rights,  civil liberties,  political freedoms,  democracy,   and  the  achievement of lasting world peace.

In this we were told to reflect/answer three questions:

  1. What is the role of the UN in your country?

  2. What is the role of your country’s secretary at the UN?

  3. What is the mission of the president towards the UN?

So, for the first questions I would say that since Kosovo was a country that was in a war situation during 1998-2000, the main role of the United Nations was focused on many of the aims but mostly on the economic development, social progress, political freedom and democracy. The UN’s intervention was very needful and helpful for our country because we were hopeless and in a stage where we had lost everything, all of our houses were burned down, many people were massacred and killed. Therefore, each and every one of the Albanians is very grateful to what UN did for Kosovo.

I think the role of the secretary is to keep on track the progress of the country, report for the progress, and be up to date with what the country needs.

The president’s mission is to represent the country, ease the work for UN in our country, collaborate with them in the best way possible, and try to keep god relationships with all the representatives.

Student: Butrint Bozalija

ID No. 209110188

Subject: Current Affairs

Week: 8

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