Revolution was aimed at bringing democracy

Week 7 was all about Arab spring. It was very interesting. The first movement of Arab revolution broke out in Tunisia on 19th December 2010 when an unemployed man, disturbed and annoyed due to the rising unemployment scale within the country set him to fire. In the wake of the objections that followed this event, the leader of Tunisia Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, made a announcement that his government would do everything to deal with the unemployment problem within the country but any activist would be strictly dealt with in case of a public objection.

However, the objections continued and the strict action and violent methods of control accepted by Ben Ali’s government further generated the pressure in the area.

The spirits of revolution that captured the Arab World and led to the falling of many governments have left the Arab nations in a useless state. Though the revolution was aimed at bringing democracy and change, many of the newly free Arab countries like Egypt, Libya, and Tunisia etc. are faced by the problem of the absence of a skilled political party.

The fact is that though the former governments may have agreed to conduct fair and open elections, in most of newly independent Arab states, not many applicants have proved their efficiency and knowledge in being able lead the people of Arab countries in the right direction.


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