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Religion conflict by Ekhlas Musaed

On 6th of February, during this lecture we had discussed about conflict which was very familiar topic to me because I have learned during my intercultural communication course. However, today we discussed deeper about religion conflict, how does conflict arise. Moreover, we had a new topic which is the meaning and difference between Irredentism and separatism and honestly speaking I had no single word in what do they mean by these words. Furthermore, we discussed about Terrorism what does it mean and what is “Qadah” And we have been given an article. We also discovered what we mean by Non-violent alternatives.

Lastly, we discussed about the Types of religion conflict and we can identify these types and according to what we can categories them. Firstly, Inter-religion conflict that happened between two different religions as an example Myanmar between budish  and Muslims. Secondly, Intra-religion conflict for the same religion for example in Iraq they are two different school “shia” and “suni”. Thirdly, Ethno religion conflict and Political religion conflict in this case the political could influences by political issues as an example Syria.

I was quite district with the world “conflict! Conflict!  Conflict! Conflict! Everywhere even between your heart and mind. Therefore, I realized that conflict is something found in our daily. However, we have to know what the causes of conflict are, how to solve them, avoid, and being aware. I hope there will be no more the word conflict but I don’t think so because we have differences even in our fingers.

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