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RELFECTION ON WEEK 4(why religion conflict) – by Sheri Fatu

REFLECTION ON WEEK 4 BY: (Fatou Jasseh; 102120476) I would love to share all what I have learned in this week on seminar on current affairs but what I gained was quite limited but I don’t undermine them since they were quite interesting and I have learned so many things from it. This week we covered religion conflict and separatism and irredentism and I will love to reflect on religion conflict because is a big issue nowadays and less attention is pay to it.

Since I know myself, I have been hearing about conflicts. People have been dying because of wars. Many reasons have been given but some worth it while the rest do not worth it. I will love to say; any environment you see where people are dying it does not worth anything because at the end of the day everyone will suffer especially the children, women and the disable. There was a raised question in class and it was “is AL -Qaeda existing “? My answer is always yes! I think there are many forms of AL-Qaeda, because in my own point of view, there are people who are still dying because of hunger in war countries, people are still dying because of religion wars. Life is becoming hard and harder every day and everyone is using the words “I don’t care”. If we do not care who would care for us.

Since in the beginning of the world, people are killing each other, people are dying because of feminine and the big belly men, the kings, the presidents are still eating their monies and failed to think about the hungry people in the war zones. While they do not think, they are the source of all the conflicts in this world. They misused the word religion with politics. They and their families are not suffering because at the end of the day they will all be rescued and be sent to Europe or America while the common people will lose their properties, families and more over their lives at the end. Since “sharing is caring and caring is loving”, then why not they share before showing our crocodile caring and hypocrite loving. Do we really care for the living? If yes, then let’s start showing it out before it’s too late since life is not a promise.

However, it’s so sad when you sit and think about only God knows which religion is the best and which worships or prayers are accepted. Why should we substitute the interest of this world with religion? Take a look at Myanmar, how many lives are lost there because of religion conflict. Why not we imply the policy of follow what you want and I follow what I want. Life is shorter than what we think. Most of the conflict in this world is almost all about religion if you dig further. All religions are good it depends on what you believe and only our Lord knows the best.

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