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Reflective Diary week 4 on BAHAISM BY Oeun Lom Orng

Week 4 of the ethical study in Thurday 7th  which is a tutorial class taught by Mr John Britto , I as well as other students in this class, we studied about the ethic in different perspectives. Our lecture, Mr John drew a mind map on the white board showing about the different perspective of ethic in terms of different religions around the world. He explained us all the religion that he listed down on the board.  There are so many differences among those religions. Some religions believe in god. Others have no god. Some religions have only one god whereas others have so many gods.  Some religions think that eating or killing animals is sin meanwhile others not.  Studying about these religions , i can see that different religions have different thinking on what is right what is wrong.

Among those religions, I was interested in one religion which is called BAHAISM. This religion, Bahaism , was founded in the mid-19th century in Iran by Mirza Hoseyn ‘Ali Nuri, who is know as Baha ullah. The principle Baha’I tenets are the essential unity of all religions and the unity of humanity. The baha’I believe that all the world’s great religions founder have been manifestations of god and agents of a progressive divine plan for education of human race. Despite their apparent differences, the world’s great religions, according to the Baha`is, teach an identical truth. The main function of the bahaism’s ulllah (god)  function is to overcome  the disunity of religions of the world and establish a universal faith. Baha`is believe in the oneness of humanity and devote themselves to the abolition of racial, class, and religious prejudices.

The great bulk of Baha`i teachings is concerned with social ethics; the faith has no priesthood and does not observe ritual forms in its worship. In the Bahaism , there is no  initiation ceremonies, no sacraments and no clergy.  But, for every Baha’i has to pray daily, to fast 19 days a year to abstain totally from narcotics, alcohol, or any substances that affect the mind; to practice monogamy; to obtain the consent of parents to marriage; and to attend the Nineteen Day Feast on the first day of each month of the Baha`i calendar.

I think this religion is a very good religion since  if every people from different religions can think like the  baha’is, the founder of great religion of the world are the manifestation of god and agents of a progressive divine plan for human race, then people will accept that value of each religion of the world. When people understand the equally of each religion , they will give the same value to each others and there will be no  any  religion war  such as  the war between Islamism and Charlatanism, the war between  Islamism and Buddhism and so on.   People from different  religions will live together  in a peace .

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