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Reflective diary about Conflict by Ismail Hossen

Conflict is one of the most talked topics of current affairs at present situation of the world. The theme of our week four lecture was all about what conflict is and how it is happing all around the globe and affecting people. Conflict means different things to different people and very often it happens because of intercommunication between people .Some people define it as a struggle or contest between persons with opposing needs, ideas, beliefs, values, or goals. For some, a definition of clash involves fighting, war, and trade prohibitions and so on. For others, it may be a difference in opinion, view or personality.

Conflict may occur for numerous reasons in different situations and it may ensue with individually, in group, nationally or globally. Here I have come up with the example of Syria conflict which started in   March 2011. There are many reasons for that kind of terrible civil war. The most remarkable issue is that the Shia and Sunni Muslim  It took place with the President Bashar al-Assad’s strategy that has been to cling to power and has been ruling Syria since 1970, a minority in a country of 21 million with a Sunni Muslim majority. According to the United Nations in January 2013 more than 60,000 people were killed between the start of the uprising and the end of November 2012. Since the start of the war, the cost of food and fuel has risen, and people have lost homes and livelihoods, making them even more helpless. The crisis is taking place in the midst of extended drought which has badly hit rural communities. However Western powers and much of the Arab world have criticized Assad’s bloody destruction and imposed economic agreements. In August 2012, the U.N. General Assembly approved a resolution demanding for Assad’sleaving.

In conclusion, Conflicts occur when peopleremark that, as a consequence of a disagreement, there is a threat to their needs, interests or concerns. Although conflict is a normal part of organization life, providing numerous opportunities for growth through improved understanding and insight, there is a tendency to view conflict as a negative experience caused by abnormally difficult circumstances.Creative problem-solving approaches areessential to positive approaches to conflict management. Finally, we should keep in mind that negotiation requires profound courage on the part of all parties.


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