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REFLECTIVE DIARIES week 3 – Nur Natasha Binti Abdul Aziz

This week, I would like to say lecture on 31 January 2013 in LT1 very interesting. We already finished four articles of current affairs. Discussion all these kind articles are really awesome for me. Seriously, before this I never feel like want to know current affair especially from outside. I just know current affairs from my country but after I hear lecture from Professor Farouk Omar I become want to know more what happens around the world.

Class was started speech from Prof Farouk Omar which is about established and guide of current affairs to us. He also told us news is very fast spread and not all of the news is true. He had explained four articles which are every each have their own conflicts.

First article that Professor Farouk Omar explained is about Malaysia’s Coming Election: Beyond Communalism? In that article said is about democracy in Malaysia and were supported by social compact among Malay, Chinese and Indian communities. In Malaysia, have the ruling coalition which are composed of the dominant United Malays Nationalist Organisation (UMNO); the Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA); and the Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) and others smaller parties such as People’s Alliance, People’s Justice Party, Democratic Action Party(DAP) and Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party(PAS). All of these parties have their own aims. Actually, I am not really concerning parties in Malaysia. For me, it is very complicated to decide which parties should rule and can rule it well. As a Malaysian, I want that leader responsible to their work to help people and not only want the position. Now, I am 21 years old and my age can register for vote but I do not know all about parties. I hope with current affairs can give some knowledge about parties in Malaysia. So, I can think which one should vote. I do not want do mistake in choose leader because it not only give trouble for me but also people in Malaysia. As a Malaysian, I always pray we will get a good leader which is bringing peace and harmonies in my country.

For the second article, we are discussed a little bit about China and Japan. It is about Sea of Tension which is conflict with Japan. Besides that, relationship between China and Japan is not comfortable because Japan had sorely patrolled their waters. East China Sea started announcing baselines to demarcate its territorial waters and China send law enforcement vessels because they want to establish overlapping administration with Japanese vessels that had solely patrolled for four decades. My opinion, China has taken strict action to solve this conflict and get more supporters to help them.

Then, third article is about no quick fixes for a complex crisis in Mali. Mali is now very desperately fractious. Mali also was divided by geographically, politically, militarily and religiously. Finally, the international community come together in recognising the complexity of the crisis and involve of military in part of the global strategy may can solve it gradually. I am really so pity for them and hoping people in Mali strong to face it. I also hope in Malaysia will not be like Mali.

Lastly, I would like end my reflective diaries with talk about tutorial class by Mr John Britto. We had taught frame of current affairs such as economical, socio-cultural, political and environmental.

Economical frame is Special Economic Zones (SEZ) which are outsourcing, consumerism, industrialisation and also transportation or telecommunication internet. For me, I understand economical frame from transportation and telecommunication internet sides. As I know, transportations are using by people to go work or do something else. They need transport to go anywhere easily. Furthermore, telecommunication internet now is needed because people use and surfing internet 24 hours and without limits. Besides that, it helps us to save time and not need to meet face to face to solve something.

Moreover, socio-cultural frame is my group selection in tutorial class. We are choose that because really want to know what socio-cultural in current affairs. These are related to socio-cultural which are international tourism, multi-lingual, intercultural marriage, media, security, sport, media and immigration. I took one point which is media. They have do socio-cultural by advertise something by media. Example, in television they had promoting Cola-cola drinking in FIFA WorldCup. They did because want to attract people who are fans for football buy Cola-cola. That is really good strategy marketing also.

Then, political frame in current affairs meanings. Seriously, I did know about political especially from outside. I don’t know how to explain about this. I hope with learn current affairs can gain my knowledge basically about politics. Last frame that I had learnt this week is about environmental. That is related to environment which is we know now climate change had happens such as greenhouse effect. Many forests were destroyed to establish building for satisfied human desires. I not agree with people now, where they more choose to excitement than think safe of or world. I think we have to put more about environment at newspaper to make people be aware. May be people can think how to protect our environment.

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