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Reflecting Dairy about Conflict(current affairs) by Hossain Biplob

The discussion of the last class of current affairs was all about conflict. At present time, one of the most remarkable topic of current affairs is conflict. If we look into the world what we can see conflicts are happening all over the world. When we discuss about current affairs the term conflict always emanates in front us. It has occupied a huge scope over current affairs.

The word “conflict” comes from the Latin word “confligree” that means strike together.A circumstance in which people take antagonistic actions toward one another to control some outcome important to each. A conflict is a difficult situation. This situation usually results in the clash of opposing forces and a consequent struggle.

This struggle may be a clash of traits, actions, wills, ideas, desires, ambitions, or morals. According to Gillin & Gillin “Conflict is the social process in which individuals or groups seek their ends by directly challenging the antagonist by violence or threat of violence. It is a common phenomenon at present time.

The concept of conflict is basic to our understanding of our exchange with reality of human action. Conflict can be treated broadly as a philosophical category representing the clash of power against power in the struggling of all things to become visible. I first consider conflict as a general category. From this most general conception I can work towards comprehending social conflict, and its empirical manifestations. Every conflict has a particular back ground it may arises because of- competing goals, competition for resources, power disagreement, conserving cultural identity, religion, inappropriate behaviour, rewards and punishment, survival or scarcity. Some conflict may arises because of political reasons. For example, now the conflict in Bangladesh it is because of political instability.

Every conflict is multi-dimensional and there is extensive academic attention to the categorization of the type, the character and the values of conflict. Conflicts those are happening all over the world, may be different types –

Inter-personal conflict: conflict that occurs between two different individuals. For example, some days ago, a conflict happened between one student of Uzbekistan and another student of Afghanistan.

Intra state conflict: conflict that occurs within the national boundary of a country. For example, conflict in Syria.

Inter-state conflict: occurs between two governments and their respective two armed forces. The conflict can occur anywhere and often began with a formal declaration. For example, conflict between Israel and Palestine.

Political conflict: conflict occurs because of unstable political systems, desire for secession, desire for autonomy, power-relations. For example conflict in Bangladesh between the local government and jamaat Islami.

Socio- cultural conflict: occurs ethnic, religious or ideological reasons. For example, conflict between sea and Sunni. Economic conflict: conflict that occurs because of distribution of resource, lack of resources. , The most recent example could be the Taliban of Afghanistan.

Territorial conflict: incompatibility over boundaries, regional predominance or autonomy. For example, India and Pakistan have been fighting over Kashmir for decades.

The way in which people respond to conflict may be influenced by their cultural background. Most of the people deal with conflict in the way they learned while growing up their default style. Although conflict (interpersonal, interstate, etc.) has both positive and negative consequences but most of the times it brings dissatisfaction and stress. It damages emotional and psychological well-being of those involved in the conflict, wastes resources and energy, increases violence, decreases productivity, harms to others those are not directly involved in the conflict.

Conflict is always perilous for the society. So we should know how to resolve it. It can be resolved through following two styles those are- Discussion style: a verbally direct approach for dealing with disagreement. Americans, Europeans, Australians follow this system.

Accommodating style: an indirect approach and a more emotionally restrained manner. Asian, Latin Americans follow this system.

Conflict is a normal part of any healthy relationship. After all, two people or groups or nations cannot be expected to agree on everything, all the time. So it is essential to learn how to deal with conflict. If conflict cannot be handled, it may be very harmful for a relationship but when handled in a respectful, positive way, conflict provides an opportunity to strengthen the relationship. But in my opinion, Learning how to deal with conflict rather than avoiding it is crucial. . Reference:

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