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This is my last reflection for the Introduction to Ethics. We have finally come to the end of our trimester 2. Ethic is one of my favorite subjects and I really like it because of its relationship to morality. Ethic is all about humanity and its responsibilities to himself/herself and other people. It is about living in peace with ourselves and others. It is about feelings, happiness and peace.

I am really happy that we have successfully finished our class after 12 weeks. In fact there were so many new lessons that we have learned, so many things we have relearned. I had not known before much about cloning, euthanasia, surrogate and many things else, but by now after attending in classes and listening to my respectful lectures I got all at least a piece of general information about them.

In fact there are some strengths and weaknesses in each class. Since we have finished our class and I am writing my last reflection, I would like to be honest and talk about whatever strengths and weaknesses that I have seen during our lectures.

First of all I would like to start with some negative point or criticism. To be honest, we had some difficulties in term of time. We had a lecture once a week for 2 hours and only 1hour for tutorial. I think 2 hours was ok for lectures but about the tutorial we really had some problem about the time. It was quite short and we did not have enough time to discuss and share our opinions. The other problem was about the course content. I believe that there could be so many important points and discussions to be taught and covered during our lectures, but unfortunately did not happen. The fundamental and basics of ethics were not taught at the beginning of the course and therefore,  the class was so boring at beginning of the trimester. Besides, we had some difficulties with the course because we had no textbooks or handouts to study after the classes.

About the strengths of the course I would like to praise my lecturers who had a very clear and strong observation and control over the lectures all the time, although there were many students during each lecture. Another point is the friendly environment that you as lecturers created among yourself and us as students which was quite interesting and useful.

At the end I want to say that our university is a new university and we all are in a process of learning and I think as we give our feedback and opinions about our class and our lecturers, our lecturers should also provide us with some feedback and opinion about us and our contribution to the course, so we can be encouraged and also learn more. Finally, I would like to end my reflection by saying Thank You to all my respectful lecturers who had been with us to help us to learn and be there for us.

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