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Problems in Globalisation

The lecture was on Thursday, 21/02/2013 in the afternoon. The subject was current affairs. Our honorable lecturer prof. Evangelos delivered his speech about problems related issues in the class which exists in the globe. It was really interesting topic. Lecturer asked students to write down the biggest problems in the globe. From my own viewpoint, I feel like to say that there are so many problems in the universe. Here I would like to mention some the biggest problems which exists in the universe.

First of all, I would like to talk about one of the biggest problems about global warming. The definition of global warming is the gradual rise in the temperature of the earth’s atmosphere owing to impact of the greenhouse gases such as Carbon dioxide radiations from deforestation and burning fossil fuels which trap heat and it is called the greenhouse effects.

Secondly, corruption is one of the biggest problems in the universe. In ethics and philosophical aspects, corruption is moral and spiritual impurity or deviation from ideal. Corruption may contain bribery, stealing. In addition, government corruption takes place when the governmental members of staff work for their own achievement. However, when corruption occurs in the third world countries. The most significant side is that poor people suffer and they cannot fulfil their expected needs in the underdeveloped countries. Corruption also is really destructive for upgrading country. Therefore, corruption is the barrier to reach at the peak of development for all nations.

Thirdly, religious issues, it is significant for human being. There are so many religion in the globe which has separated people in different tribes such as Muslims, Hindus, Christian and so on. For instance, Bangladesh has 90 parent Muslims and 10 percent non-Muslims. Both of us have different religion but we do not worship together for god. Muslims worship in mosques and non-Muslims worship in their church and both of us have different festivals. Consequently, religious has separated us, even though we live in peace altogether. In addition, if we look back in the previous history about India-subcontinent in 1947. The sub-continent was separated by the following of religions. The majority non-Muslims were in India and the majority Muslims were in East Pakistan (the previous name of Bangladesh) and West Pakistan (the existing Pakistan). Both of them separated two parts because of different religious.

Fourthly, poverty is considered a curse for nations. The definition of Poverty is the state of who lacks a certain of quality material possessions or money. If one country wants to develop, they have eradicate the root of poverty. For illustration, Bangladesh is an overpopulated country and the rate of education is 67%. The government could be able to eradicate illiteracy from societies, if government had belonged to have sufficient money. On the other hand, Canada, England, Sweden, Newzeland, Japan, France all countries they have 100% education rate and it has possible due to free of poverty.

Fifth, natural resources is one of issue in the existing globe. Many countries are not capable of fulfill their own demands. Natural resources have two types such as firstly, biotic which are extracted from the earth’s biosphere such as rice, white, timber and fruits. On the other hand, abiotic which cannot create by human being such as gold, coal, diamond, copper, lead and so on. Moreover, I would like to add some point, if we observe in the universe that many countries had been colonized by the powerful countries. Consequently, the dominant countries usually take natural resources in their hand. Finally, the exploited countries suffer due to lack of natural resources which is really harmful for them. For example, India-subcontinent was dominated by England. As a result, England occupied so many natural resources from India-subcontinent which had effected on India-subcontinent people. Finally, there are so many problems in the globe exist and I just mentioned above some problems. If any nation wants to develop, they have to get rid of all sort of problems which has bad effect on nations.


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