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Problems faced by the world

We human being faced many problems in our daily life. Some problems we can solve it but some we cannot. Some kinds of problems that we face are money problems, food problems, diseases, water, pollution, education, climate change, migration, population government and corruption and so on. Some of the problems our government can solve it but some they try to solve it but there is no end of the problems.

Some of the problems are not serious like migration and population we can only give advice for the people we cannot say that you cannot migrate. We cannot even say to the married couple that you cannot have children but we can advice them to have family planning. Some of the problems are serious like water problems, food and diseases. If we can have a good and healthy food we cannot get sick. If the water supply is not clean than there will be diseases from the water.

But if the water is clean and healthy than there won’t be any diseases. As the virus won’t have the power to fight against our white cell because the white cell in our body is strong. Some of the problems are like we solve other one and the effect are on another one. E.g.: Like education and corruption. When there is corruption in the government system there will be affect on the people and other sector of the government.

If there is no corruption or if the government will take action against the corruption, than this will solve lots of problems in the country like providing justice, equality, improving education system, health and so on. These kinds of problems are faced by every country in the world. Some country tries to solve the problem by solving other problems which will effect on other problems. Some of the problems can wait but some cannot wait for it.

From my point of view I think the government of the country should take the responsibility to solve this kind of problems. I know they cannot solve it at once but they can at least find the root causes of the problems and solve it.

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