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Practical Ethical Questions

Tutorial session for today class were involved and emphasized on one ethical quiz that highly analyzed the ethical issues on implementing demerit system to AiU students who are not wearing ID in classroom. The situation was explained by lecturer before we begin to write our answer within three minutes per question of the two questions. There were two ethical questions that show contradictive actions between lecturers conduct two points of demerit and students’ reaction in making decision to go and complain to Deputy Vice Chancellor. These are the ethical choices were made by both parties and their decisions are very interesting and significant as the situations are the facts that demerit system of not wearing ID card issued in AiU and it is true that this regulation is poorly practiced by AiU students.

My answers for this quiz are mainly stressed on responsibilities of both lecturers’ and students’ side. As a matter of fact that the lecturers are responsible for enhancing university’s regulations, that is why the demerit points are very reasonable to offer to students who break the rules. Lecturers’ actions are correct and contain ethical values base on their status as a lecturer to help students transform their unacceptable characteristics and of course train them to be obedient and better students.

On the other hand, students’ reaction to go and complain to AiU management rather than follow the university’s rules is not correct. It shows inconsiderate decision making and too they are not fully responsible for their own roles to follow and respect the rules that have already amended as well as respect lecturers in university. When it is their fault, they should rethink of their actions towards this matter and solve it properly by just to wear ID card whenever they are in classroom.

Overall, ethical decision of offering demerit points by lecturers is correct as it shows proper discipline and also good roles for the university’s management. For this reason, students will have to reconsider their behavior and discipline themselves properly.

My interest and feeling in the class are: I feel that I am trained to become a quick thinker and at the same a quick writer. These short quizzes are very exciting to me, because it demands high focus and does keep writing what emerged in my thinking process. Furthermore, I get a chance to correct my friends’ paper and from that I can learn what and how they think too.

Name: SREY SOKKANITHA MOK  ID: 209110210   Tutorial’s topic: Ethic Quiz 1   07th February, 2013

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