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Positive and negative side of politics (Week 5) – by Dolma Lama

Our week five tutorial was very interesting as we had played animals game. In this game we were been divided into different groups with maximum three members and name of groups were cat, rat, lion, donkey etc. All groups need to discuss about negative and positive side of their given topics. My group name was cat and we picked politics as our topics and had short discussion about politics. Based on our discussion, politics have both negative and positive point but through the eyes of public, negative side of politics can be seen more clearly than positive side in all nations.

Dictatorship, corruption and racism are some of the negative point of politics. Normally people involved in politics find the way to cheat others through different means and media. Most of the politicians have habit to ignore public and their responsibility especially when it comes to money and any other assets transactions. They will totally change their behaviour after the election. Moreover, most of all politicians have magical power to speak in the crowd with beautiful words but they often put their words into practice, in this way all politician abuse their power.

However, politics also have positive side that we had pointed out during our discussion in class. Politics built a structure government that allows the people to possess freedoms with comfortable life. Protection of citizens’ rights is another positive point of politics which could not be possible through an individual support. Therefore, the velocity of development of nations depends on system of politics and politicians of that particular nation.

Therefore, To do so and to measure the level of development politician of any nations should strictly follow law, policy and rules of their nations. All these said and little deed of politicians can be the bridge between the gap of corrupted and weak government to strong and well developed nation.

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