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This week we still discussing about the contemporary ethical issues that happen in our surrounding. This week, we continue with another 5 contemporary ethical issues that included torture, humanitarian intervention, divorce, corruption, and plagiarism. From all 5 topics I only understand 3 topics that is divorce, corruption and plagiarism only other two I don’t really understand. Maybe I did not give full concentration when the lecture was explaining that two topic.

I think no need for me to explain about divorce here because I think everyone know what is divorce and what are the consequences if divorce happen. At the beginning, I don’t really know about corruption and how it is happen and what it is all about but I think this week class helps me a lot to understand what corruption is. Now I know corruption happen when someone has a weak mind and when someone just know think about their own benefits and does not care about others and corruption also can stop a country to develop. When corruptions happen in a country it will give many negative effects to all other people in the country. So I think people should take this problem seriously before it’s too late and it will destroy the country without people notice it. I think by using media is the best way to fight corruption because nowadays media is best weapon to influence people and it is the fastest way to connect with people, beside media also can provide alertness to people of what are happening around them.

Another topic is about plagiarism, before I came to study here I don’t know what plagiarism is and I never heard this word before. But when I start study here then I heard people keep mentioning this word especially after doing assignment. Then I asked one of my friend, after he explained it to me then I know plagiarism in general is copying someone works without acknowledge the true sources in simple word is copy and paste. I think it is not ethical to copy someone work as a student we have to learn to do the tasks that have been given by our self. We should have confident and honest with our works. I think it is okay to do mistake in our works because we learn a lot from our mistake. Don’t think about the mark too much, we should know that when our lecture gives a task to us they just want to know our understanding not because they want to judge student from the marks that we get. With that they will know our weaknesses and they try to find the solution to help us in our study.

Week 11: Reflective Diary

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