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Perception on same-gender lovers’ rights

Same sex marriage, animal rights, internet privacy, death penalty, and insider trading from my point of view are the hot issues in current human society; what is more, for this week’s reflective diary, I want to only further emphasis on same sex marriage because I honestly want to share some more information about the topic and explain the picture of itself that should be seen analytically.

From my perception, same sex marriage is a new phenomenon because I personally found that this act has happened in recent period, and from my personal notification that there are few cases in Cambodia about same sex marriage starting in 21st century. In Cambodia, It is a kind of incomplete marriage because it against nature of human-being marriage, and the law does not approve for them which the couple will not receive any legal certification from the authority about their marriage. Their act is considered as a sort of abusing the country’s laws and societal physiological needs. I also perceived that same sex marriage is unethical base on relativism ethics, deontology ethics, utilitarian ethics, as well as partially influenced by mostly divine command ethics. Importantly, in Islam or Buddhism, same sex marriage is prohibited and is not encouraged.

For people who support same sex marriage, especially, same-sex couple mostly stressed on love and belonging, and rights which are their basic needs. They perfectly ask for rights to accept and acknowledge their decision. I think that it is exactly their rights to receive and make love; they will never want to be discriminate from the society. However, they just have gone beyond what is practicing by humanity from the past until now and it seems to be in the state of fulfilling desire and temptation.

In all edges of my perception, I perceive that same sex marriage is unethical and it should not be legalized as well. In terms of future concern and consequences, we do not know what will happen after this transformation, the impacts could be new diseases, trendy of same-gender lovers, and lack of new-born population and so on so forth. Since there are some countries in the world legalized same sex marriage, it become another portrait that specifically related to the cultural development, perception on same-gender lovers’ rights, and also it is about social issue’s resolution for the increasing of same-gender couple in their countries.

In conclusion, same sex marriage is ethical or unethical base on contexts (country’s condition, perception on human rights and human needs); this reflection diary may end with a question: what do we think about preventing same sex marriage in the present is a mean to hand in the future generation’s well-being?

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