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Panel Discussion Report 67: Promoting Equal Access to Education through Volunteerism

  1. Overview of the point discussion

Education is more essential to human being in this globe, because it a powerful driver of development and one of the strongest instruments for reducing poverty and improving health, gender equality, peace, and stability. Education is necessary for many aspects into our life, without knowledge the world and the societies would not be developed as they are today.

Our topic was focused on the education and how every single kid among a society will have to access an education through volunteerism.

Most of the panellists were emphasized a lot to work on the education through volunteering to our community to eliminate the ignorance. There are many civil society organizations (CSOs) who are voluntarily working on the education areas. According to the panellists they were touched many points due to the civil society organizations for example our first panellist was focusing on how the agencies are taking part through volunteering while another panellist was talking the roles of NGOs in the development of the education. When it comes to education weather it is the developed or underdeveloped countries, there are civil society organizations who are eagerly participating to spread the importance for educating a kid, for example (UNICEF) is one of the biggest organizations which involves the education in many aspects.

There are several points that our panellist were discussed for example how teachers are the fundamental for providing and promoting equal access to education, ways and methods on how to improve the literacy rate and so on.  The other important points that we discussed, how to encourage parents to send their special need children to education centres, how the inclusive education will give confidence to disabled child.

2.     The process

According to our process that we have settled was, at the beginning we choose a topic which is very relevant to civil society organizations, after that we showed to the lecturer weather it is acceptable or not, though the lecture said you need to rewrite the title of the topic then we plan to had our first meeting to come up the main points that we have discussed and the role of each panellist. In the first meeting everything was done and it ends a successful way.

As I was the moderator of the panel my role was to make sure that every single panellist will participate and cooperate during the discussions, questions and answer sessions and to have a positive attitude towards the other panellists to respect and listen to their ideas.

Our second meeting was one day before we had presented our panel discussion, we were sticking into our plans and at that day the rehearsal was done. in that sense our plans were fully succeeded because there was no any misunderstanding among the team.

3.      The Implementation

We had decided and agreed to be on time at that day as usual, because we were presenting our panel at exactly 4.00PM on Thursday 18th  June, 2013, all the panellist came on time and every one of us was wore as we promised a formal attire( business attire), then the lecturer pointed out his coordinate to inform us to be on the stage to start our panel. After all this we started the panel and as I was the moderator i introduce to audience for both the topic and the panellists to keep them on the truck after that I have thrown my first question to the first panellist and then so on. Being a confident is an essential but to feel fear is nature during the stage and that was the weakness that I faced personally, everything was perfect and we were very organized. The other thing was we were expected the audience to rush their question to us but unfortunately we met only one question from one of our audiences.

4.      Learning/Reflection of the Panel Discussion

When we are talking about what to learnt a panel discussion is more but I will pick up the ones which seems necessary to mention here, to improve the self-confidence was the most important thing that I have gained because to give a speech for a number of student was the opportunity that I got personally to build my self-confidence. Facts is very crucial during the panel discussion to show the audience that you have done many efforts to investigate your topic in order to tasteful aim behind the specific speech that a person is giving to them, in that case I have done my all efforts to find relevant information and statistics which related to my topic. The other thing was team work, to work a different people with different ideas will increase your social interaction and to know more about the person itself, though we cannot say to work a team is very effective because some of team members may procrastinate their roles. In addition, most of my team was very friendly and respectful students this was increases our friendship rate. Lastly being organized and timing was what I have learnt because we usually delay whenever we did a promise to someone but in some manners we cannot do so. Therefore to be organized the speech was what I have learnt also from this panel discussion.

5.      Conclusion

As I have mentioned above, our topic was all about to promoting equal access to education through volunteerism. To donate at least an hour per day to our societies will be affect the lives of thousands of people to eliminate ignorance. Because there is a prophetic sentence which says” seek knowledge even in chine” do we believe that the people who will not afford to pay the tuition fees will need to seek knowledge? If our answer is yes we have to participate to work on the volunteerism and work with the civil society organisations (CSOs) and non-governmental organizations(NGOs). As a moderator I have concluded our panel two main points that seems to me very crucial, to increase literacy of society and promoting voluntary teachers. This two main points will be the fundamental of eliminating the ignorance.

6.      References

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