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Panel Discussion Report 63: UN

Overview of the points discussed Although the core motive of United Nations to bring about peace in the world at large, in reality it seems that it has failed to play it role at-least to the minim required degree.

According to author Pedro A. Sanjuan, the UN has done exactly the opposite, and its policies have been such that it actually aided in the spread of racism, anti-Semitism and corruption throughout its member nations. The first point is the main purpose of UN, to prevent war, has clearly not been achieved. The UN was set up with express purpose of preventing global wars, yet it has done absolutely nothing to prevent them. Indeed, the UN has often served merely as a forum for countries to abuse and criticise each other, rather than resolve disputes peacefully.

The Second point is UN ignores or enables human rights abuses. Despite the development of the concept of human rights in the post-war world, the UN has totally failed to protect the rights of citizen, ethnic minorities, women and children. It has stood by during episodes of genocide in Cambodia, Rwanda, Congo and Yugoslavia among many others , tolerates some of the world’s worst dictatorships as members, and does nothing or very little to protect the innocents.

Under this point two major examples were discussed. The first example was the injustice carried out in Palestine. In the beginning of the 20th century the population of Jews were only approximately 2.5% and 97.5% were Palestinians (Muslims & Christians). Then the migration of Jews were encouraged to Palestine by the Palestinian Jews. However, 1947, the UN decided to split the country in to two. Despite the fact that the Jews were only 6%, the UN decided to give them 54% of the land.

This is the point where the great clear cut injustice were carried out by the UN. Normally, General Assembly resolutions are not binding upon ember states. It was the first time a General Assembly resolution became binding upon member states. Surprisingly, that was not the charter of the UN at that point.

Yet, again in 1967, the west bank, Gaza and Masjid Al-Aqsa came control under Israel. Thus, now when the Palestinians are talking about peace agreements they are referring only the 22% of the land which is on the table. Sadly, another 20% of the land from this 22% remaining land has been given to the new foreign settlers.

After all the UN is claiming that Palestine is so stubborn to come in to peace agreement. How would they come in to such injustice negotiations, when Israelis has taken their lands, their olive trees and all their belongings, and their water, food and medicine is controlled by them? Yet, they ask the Palestinians to shake their hands.

This is in all logical sense a clear cut injustice. Yet, the UN nation is not batting an Island to resolve it. In a real sense they could not do it because the veto holders are influencing them.

The second and the last example was about the Genocide in Rwanda. The two main tribes in Rwanda is Hutus and Tutsis. The divided rule policy were used to divide them. All in a sudden the Hutus stated killing the Tutsis claiming that they are a kind of problem creators in the community and a great distruction towards the development of the country. The Hutus used politics and the media as the prime tool to carry on this great genocide. Murders took place in public not only at night but in the middle of the junctions at full brightness.

Shockingly, around 800,000 to 1 million people were killed in this great genocide. It is like 9/11’s happening everyday 3 times for consecutive 100 days (around 3000 were killed in 9/11). The so called “helpers in need” did not intervene because they did not have any personal interest or gain.

At that point the UN commander for peace operation of Africa was Kofi Anan himself. He asked for 5000 soldiers that is needed to stop the genocide. However, only 200 soldiers were sent, and ironically more than 5000 soldiers were send to evacuate the foreign nationals who were there. Kofi Anan public admitted that he failed the case of Rwanda’s genocide.

This clearly implies the injustice carried out by the powerful nations. Yet the UN is enable to raise their voice against them solely because they are the major funders of UN.

Ernal Budshi writes in his article A dark side of UN peacekeeping missions, “Following the deployment of UN troops in Bosnia and Kosovo, there were sharp increase in the number of prostitution and sex trafficking. Peacekeeping forces were involved with a child molestation and paedophilia in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2006. All in all, it is apparent that the UN has failed to fulfil its purpose of core existence.

The process

Planning I started taking preparation one week ahead and started collecting information regarding the topic. I got information from various sources such as online sources (debate forums, online news), audio lectures of prominent scholars and from my colleagues. Then I took short notes regarding the points that I planned to emphasize on the panel discussion. After I have gathered all these information’s and understood the contents, I rehears many times. First obviously referring at the notes and trying to remember the statistics and then eventually not looking at it at all.

Points of agreement and disagreement • Although I was taking against the UN, I agreed upon the fact that the UN has contributed in various fields in different parts of the world and aided millions of people in need. • The second speaker totally disagreed and bluntly mentioned that the UN has failed.

The implementation Describe the satisfaction (what was good about your panel discussion) • All the members co-operated each other in sharing their views. • The moderator played his role very well. • All the panellists expressed them very well. • Overall the panel discussion was a successful one.

Describe the dissatisfaction • We could not have a successful rehearsal session before did the real panel discussion. • I felt that I must have prepared more for the panel discussion.

Learning / reflection of the panel discussion On the speech made Although I prepared myself to a certain degree, when my previous panellist started his talk I felt so nervous that I thought I will not be able to speak after a few sentence. However, after the first minute I became comfortable and carried on the talk smoothly. Anyway, I realized that I spoke to quite fast and feared that the audience did not get my points clearly. The best thing that satisfied me is that the mere fact that I spoke by my own words rather than a memorized speech. Sadly, due to the time limit I could not tell everything that I was planning to tell. All in all, this panel discussion has improved not only my communication skill but also my knowledge regarding the out world.

On the question handled There was only one question post by the audience to our panel and it was directed to me. The question was more or less the meaning me be “You mentioned that the UN has failed to fulfil its role. So, do you suggest any better organization can carry on this mission?”

The question was a quite critical one to answer. First I thanked him and mention that it is indeed an interesting question. Then I said that we do not disagree upon the fact that UN is such influential body that contributes and aids thousands of people around the world. However, our point is the structure of the UN has to change. When I said structure I was referring to the 15 member stated which include 5 permanent members and 10 temporary members. This has to change. The reason is that the veto power which has been given to the 5 permanent member states has become a great hindrance towards this holistic mission.

In deed I was quite happy that I could answer the question. It was an interesting challenge.

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panel report …… MUHAMMED SAAJID SABRY BOOSO  (111100114)

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