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Panel discussion report 60: How to develop sustainability development in a community

Overview of the point discussion/ Introduction

Before doing the panel discussion I and my group member have decided to use Moctar name as a group name because he is a capable moderator in our group so it is easy for my respective lecturer to recognise us.  There are 5 group members including moderator in my group so that’s means we are complete in terms of members if compared to others incomplete group.  So, the topic that we have been present within this week is about how to develop sustainability development in a community. The reasons why we choose this topic are because it is interrelated with civil society which is a contribution from people towards people or community. This topic also has its own strength such as debatable and it is such an argumentative topic.

The process

During the partial stage of forming the group, actually I was not expecting that I will join Moctar group because this group usually such a big bang group presentation but during the class I was invited to join that group and I felt honour to be a part of the group. After forming the group, we have conducted meetings to discuss about the suitable topic that we going to present. After having 2 or 3 times meeting, we have decided to choose the topic on how to make a sustainability development in a community as our topics because we think it is relevant to our courses where we have learnt during the 3rd week if I not mistaken. For me, I really like this topic because I am feeling curious and passion to help others so that from the discussion that had been carried out at least I gets some methodology on how to sustain a community development.  So later, after decided our topics, we are arrived to stages of dividing the tasks.

Everyone should participate during the panel discussion In order to make it successful. So at first, we are selecting a moderator to conduct our presentation, the same principle of democracy which is parts of characteristics of civil society, we also apply it where we are using vote’s in order to choose the moderator, finally the highest vote is belong to Moctar since he has experience in conducting meeting before or panel discussion since foundation studies. Overall, I can say that my entire group member gives the best cooperation while meeting in order to finish our presentation with a big smile. From the discussion, I can say that all of us have the skills of leaderships and tolerance where everyone gives their own opinion and suggestions while doing the meeting.

Frankly I really enjoyed while cooperating with them in one group because everyone have their own strengths and even weakness but yet we are keep practising even 2 hours before real panel discussion in order helps to cover our friends to generates more points and ideas so we are not lack of information required.

The Implementation

Regarding time management, in order to be sharp on the duration that been given by my respective lecturer Mr John Britto Parisutham, we have been practising at least 3 times in the students centre and in the classsroom. Every group member was given at least 10 minutes to talks during the presentation. As an extra effort, we also used timer while practising and presenting the panel discussion. Unfortunately during the real panel discussion we finished five minutes more than the exact time because at the end of the discussion there are few students asked a questions they are not feeling satisfy the given answer from our side.

During the discussion also we raise our voice and practice the theory of body language and gesture that we learnt before during foundation in our panel discussion presentation in order to attract attention from the class. Indeed, this is my first time wearing such a formal attire during presentation. Frankly, I am not feeling confidence to wear that uniform because I prefer not to be strict but for sake of friends I do it for them.

I personally believe that the presentation was amazing because from my eyes I can see my classmate was enjoyed and entertained by our presentation and at the end of our presentation, as my expectations most of them raised their hands to ask the questions regarding our topic. It is awesome when answering people questions and it looks such kind of debate when we have different opinion in the topics. From faces of my group member I can see that all of them satisfy with our works and hoping for the best marks from our presentation.

Learning/Reflection of the Panel Discussion

In terms of discussion, as I mention before we have decided to set up precisely our group before doing the discussion so during the presentation we are facing not a big problems because everything is well prepared. There is also element of spontaneous during the panel discussion such as facial expression and where I and a guy from Sri Lanka looks so serious while talking about charity based organisation that contribute more towards community and same goes to my friend s Mr Jouma makame from Tanzania where he looks sad when he talks about his country which is famous with agriculture product but no more nowadays. So that’s why he stressed on physical contribution in his speech

As a whole I can say that the presentation has going smoothly according what we have planned without  big consequences. Everyone presenting their part excellently with clear explanations and clear voice add by good eye contact with audience makes the presentation going smoothly. That’s also same goes to the audience which is giving good cooperation by listening and giving useful feedback so that we can be more precise for next time.

I also believe my entire group member felt nervous while doing the presentations because we are rarely exposed to such kind of discussion but by hook or by crook we have to break the fears within ourselves in order to finish the presentation.

So when we reach at the final stage where sessions of Questions and Answer, as I mentioned before, we received lots of feeds back such as how to keep a community sustain if an organisation leave them after the implementation have been done on the site which a questions from Kamoluddin  from Uzbekistan. My answer towards this issues is the community should be independence and try to learnt how to stand up independently and not waiting for the organisation while the organisation still with them because there are not only a community needs to be develops but there are a lots especially in rural areas.


In conclusion, I can say that this kind of presentation taught me to be confidence in my-self especially when speaking in front of audience and more or less it helps to improve my talents especially in public speaking.  As a whole, lots of input that I gain from my presentation and others presentation because sometimes we need to change our learning style so that it will be easier and effective to absorb the ideas that going to deliver to us.


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