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Panel Discussion report 58: How democracy has changed the world

The purpose of our panel discussion was to make people understand how the democracy has changed the world. How it has improved our society by giving everyone his right, dignity and freedom. The point we discussed was the power of democracy, how fast it is spreading across the globe. We also highlighted the link between democracy, civil societies, women empowerment, human rights and charity organizations. The questions which come to our head while discussing are:

  1. What are the implications of civil society mobilization for democracy?

  2.  How civil societies respond to the challenges in democratic countries?

  3. What are the civil societies (UN) contributions in democratic and non democratic countries? Compare?

  4. What are differences between democratic and non democratic countries in term of civil society?

  5. How democracy & civil society organization are connected?

  6.  What are the problems faced by civil society in democratic country?

  7. What is the role of democracy in empowering women?

  8. What are the challenges that democracy is facing in empowering woman?

  9. What are the problems faced by civil society organization regarding women empowerment and human right in Saudi Arabia?

The process my group members and I used was simple and easy. First, we tried to find a topic which has a lot of information and all of us have knowledge about.  We found a topic which has values and interest for the audience. The one who wanted to be the moderator decided herself. After, we raised some important questions and issues which can help everyone to have an idea on how we should proceed. We choose the topic and the questions regarding to everyone opinions.

The planning process had many controversies because each of us wanted his topic to be chosen. The disagreement points were many. It was hard at the beginning to choose democracy as topic because many topics were suggested by each panelist. At the beginning we were just four people so together we had to do the job of five people which was not easy at all but we tried to manage to deal with it because we did not have choice. One disagreement point was that Hurya did not want to talk about what is going on inside Saudi Arabia. How Saudi’s government is violating his citizen’s rights specially women. How women are treated in this country and what difficulties and challenges people especially women are facing regarding their rights. Our main objective was to make the panel successful so we always used to accept or agree on points concerning the success of the panel. The resolution was easy because we all agreed that democracy was the best topic so we started looking for right information and we used to meet two times a week to practice.

In the implementation, we focus on four to make our panel amazing and interesting.

1. Understand what the listener is expecting to learn from the panel. 2. Participate flexibly and formally, with spontaneity and enthusiasm. 3. Express your views and ideas vigorously, clearly, and concisely. 4. Don’t dominate the discussion. Speak no longer than the time given to you, being careful not to read and recite. Help the moderator involve other members of the panel.

So far after the panel discussion, we were somehow satisfied with each other. Everyone did his best while expressing their views.

I learnt a lot from my colleagues and the audience. As the topic was about democracy, my part women empowerment brought a lot of question as we all know that this topic is a very controversial one. Human right, civil society organization and so on is all coming from democracy. It is when democracy was implemented that people started thinking about these things.  The reflection on the panel discussion is that during our presentation, we were not nervous and everything was smooth as we planned. We will try to improve some others points such as respecting the time given to us and not reading notes.

In conclusion, when it comes to our delivery and expressing our views I believe the audience in the class learnt something from us and us also in return because it was exchange of ideas between us. We did our best by practicing to make it amazing and everyone cooperated.

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