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Panel discussion report 57: Which CSOs should be more encouraged for global development?

There were five people in our group at first. However, one more girl combined to our group since she missed her panel discussion because of illness. Therefore, we had six people including me in our panel discussion group and mostly they are from Myanmar. Five students are from Myanmar and one is from Sri Lanka. There were only boy but five girls in our group. As our lecturer, Mr. John doesn’t any have problem with Gender equality and different countries, we formed simply our group with our friends.  After forming group, we started decide for the topic which is related to civil society and difference people suggested difference topics.

We decided to bring all the topics which we proposed.  When we started thinking for the topic, we picked the appropriate topic from topics which we all recommended. There were around three or four topics came out. From these topics, we chose our final topic according to the voting system in order to be fair for all. Finally, our topic was “which civil society organization should be encouraging more for the global development”. It was really fascinating topic actually. We all were pleased with our topic and this is the topic which the other groups didn’t do yet.

Second thing was to settle the roles like moderator and panelists. Since we have six members, we got five panelists and one moderator. So we chose the moderator first with volunteering system. However, none of us volunteered and finally, we asked “Kyaw Khant” from Myanmar to do as a moderator since he is willing to do and all of us agree on that. Besides, he has capacity to do moderator also. Five panelists were got to speak from different perspective of organization.

When we were planning for our panel discussion, we come out with so many ideas. We planned to do as debate style, role play style, and video conference and so on. Finally we decided to do as a debate style. As I mentioned above, our topic was “which civil society organization should be encouraging more for the global development”, we took charity organization and skills development organization. Two people would be from charity organization views and another two would be on skills development organization views. We planned to compare which organization is better and effective for our community. We played as a debate style.

However, there were one more member joined to our group as I mentioned above because of some reasons, she got the role of effected person during the religious conflicts happening in Myanmar.  There were some arguments and disagreement during the meeting regardless with the roles, points and ideas. In order to solve that problem, we did drawing for diving who is going to talk from skills development perspective and who is going to talk from the charity organization. Therefore, I and Tahira from Sri Lanka got to talk from Skills development organization points and Ngu Wah Aye and Wai Wai Ko got to talk from Charity organization perspective. So, we started to find our points. I searched how skills development organization is assisting people in society. How they are working. What their missions are. Since there were two people talking from skill development organization perspective, one was talking as person who is working in skill development as a manager which was me and another one is talking as student and member of skills development organization. Same goes to charity organization.

There were so many strengths and advantages which I got from this panel discussion. I knew a lot of facts about skills development organization when I was doing research. I come out with so many questions as Mr. Moderator wanted many question in order to be lively, reality and in order to have more interaction each other. Since we planned to do as a debate, I did research of how skill development organization is better than charity organization. Actually, both organizations are helping people in different ways. It was one of my week points in panel discussion that I talk how skills development is better than charity. However, I realize when Mr. Moderator concluded our panel discussion and Mr.John also explained that both are necessary for people based on different situation.

From this panel discussion, I gained a lot of knowledge. I knew that how skills development organization is intending to develop critical learning, entrepreneurial skills of human in order to become independent and successful learners, how they are enriching the education and skills of our new generation or youth because it will transform their lives into positive ways and how they are delivering the sustainable services. Besides, I gave some example projects which my organization, FSD (foundation of skill development organization), is doing because I was one of the project manager from FSD for this panel discussion. I knew not only about skills development organization as well as charity organization as Miss. Ngu wah Aye and Wai Wai KO explained well in panel discussion. I knew how charity organization is helping people in society.

As a conclusion, Mr. Moderator concluded our panel discussion by saying both organizations is helping people in different ways. Bothe of the civil society organization is effective and good for global development. Besides, Mr. John also gave example of both organization is good for our community. Therefore, after all, I realized that all the civil society organizations are trying to aid people in different ways and all of them are essential for our community.


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