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Panel Discussion report 56: Technological innovation on environment


The panel discussion for civil society tutorial, it was held on Monday 17/06/2013 2.30 pm at Center Foundation Studies room 204. Our topic is related to the civil society second week lecture done by Dr. Ismail Sultan. The topic was the effect of technological innovation on environmental from our group all the three members are really interesting to make a research about this topic. Mainly we focus this topic basic on our group member experience. In my group two of my members earlier work for Interact Rotract and Wanita Civil Society and based on this we divide our parts.

We plan among our group members to take our own two projects what we already done before in a civil society in our home town how to reduce air, land, water and sound pollutions. Our project was to save the land, air and water only. Our group was created by three different countries in Asia, one of that come from Indonesia, one Malaysia and I am from Sri Lanka.

The point that we discuss:

It’s about how air and noise pollution happened.

What are the best solutions we can do to reduce this issues.

Second panelist talk about how water and land pollution happened.

What are the best activities done by panelist to reduce this issues.

How civil society members (both panelist) work for the community.


Third week my lecture was done by Mr John. During this lecture he informed about the upcoming weeks and in tutorial class Mr John ask to formed our own group with three members. I am Mohamed Jazam Junaideen from Sri Lanka, Nor Amallina BInti Azmi from Malaysia and also Mahara Tawarmi come from Indonesia. After the group we formed at that time we discussed about topic. Nor Amallina bring a suggestion to discussed about second week because we all really interesting in that topic. At the same time we all want to share our own experience. Our group members decide to talk about the effect of technological innovation on environment. Then we submit our topic and panel outline to our respective lecturer. He asks us to rearrange our topic and the point to make it clear. After we settle the topic we discuss to appoint the moderator, and we give Mahara to be a moderator based on her experience before this. We make two group meeting and we make practice. Beside that we also prepared before come to the meeting because we will make some correction during the meeting time.


During my discussion I am really happy because I remind my time back when my school age. It means we shared our school time experience. It was very great experience and this panel it’s not just a panel but it’s about our own experience in our past few years. Besides that we still have our own weaknesses like at that time our moderator little bit nervous and also we are the first group to present. We have technical error during we play our slide and also showing one video that related to our topic to the audience.


When being a student is easy, at the same time being international student and answering as a past Rotract member it’s difficult because we shared our own experience to international student are more challenges. This was a great experience for me and to my future. One day in my future if I got a globalized company, I can use this experience manages my question during doing my research learn how to be ecofriendly, and polluting the earth.


From overall panel two rotract members share their ideas and the special experience. This panel was about pollution. Pollution it seems air , land ,water and sound pollution .how earth getting polluted because of technology. How want to reduce. What are the activities we can do? These are the interesting topics we discussed.

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