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Panel Discussion Report 55: Air pollution and noise pollution


During my third week, lecture asks us to perform a panel discussion regarding one of a topic relevant to civil society. The same week tutorial session we formed a group with three members. I am Nor Amallina Binti Azmi from Malaysia, Mahara Tawarmi from Indonesia and the last one is Mohamed Jazam Junaideen from Sri lanka. Our topic for this panel discussion was the effect of technological innovation on environment.

The point that we discussed from the first panelist was why air pollution and noise pollution happened and the solution that can we do to reduce this pollutions. The second panelist tells about why land and water pollution happened. Now day we can see that this pollution everywhere happened even at town or village. We also talk and find the way how to control this issue. We also talk about what are the activities that we already organize to reduce this issue from our home town.


We formed the group during tutorial class. In the beginning we had little bit problems with selecting the topic because we want to connect our topic to the second lecture that we already done before. That lecture was really interesting and I suggest this topic to my group members and they also agree with that because, they got the idea from begin after we talk about that topic. This panel discussion we select the moderator base on the experience and we divide the part among us. The second meeting was calling by Jazam to select the questions, practice and find the references. Besides that during the meeting, our group members punctual and well prepared. We also make power point slide to present at that time.


In my group success part was, two panelists have our own experience there is Jazam and myself. During the panel discussion Jazam already shared about his experience as a civil society members in his country before he come to Albukhary International University. It was a great time to us to remember back our past memories. We don’t know how to explain about how happy we are doing those activities. Besides that, our weakness was we are the first group at that time to present, we also don’t have enough time to talk all the things and during that our power point slide could not show to the audience because of technical errors except that we don’t have any problem.


During the panel discussion time, I and my group members really want to make interesting panel and we already try very best.  Beginning of panel I am not really confident to talk. I feel nervous to start and we make some practice, after that I believe that I can do it. The reflection of this panel was when we are sharing our past memories it is really great time. We helping people to save our environment and we feel really happy. This panel also thought to be brave and confident to present in front or audience.


Overall of this panel we all know how air, land, water, and sound pollution getting increase in 21st generation. As a civil society member we must know how to reduce this issue. Besides that during the panel we discuss about weaknesses and also strength in a civil society. This report mention about how the team works for the panel discussion.


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