Panel discussion report 54: “Which civil society organization should be encouraged more for the glob

Since the term of “civil society organizations (CSOs)” are becoming one of the people concerns in our class nowadays, it draws my attention to explore what actually the civil society organizations are. When the time came to prepare an interesting topic for panel discussion on behalf of Introduction to Civil Society course, it crossed my mind to discuss and share our different points of view about the CSOs. In our panel discussion, we mainly discussed about the two most effective CSOs for our society: the charity organizations and skill development organizations. Although we have discussed in our class about the six categories of civil society organizations, we pointed out about only two organizations which we think is most helping for the people. The role of these two organizations on our society, their effectiveness on the people and debating on which one is more required and functioning for our community from these two organizations are the main points that we focused on.

There were so many steps that we had to pass through to be successfully accomplished the task starting from the group forming until the final day of our panel discussion. By the time our lecturer announced to make the panel discussion as one of the assessments for this course, all the students started to find the group members who they think will go well with them throughout the whole process. As for me, I wanted to work with the previous panel discussion group mates again because they are also really hard working and we all respect the ideas of each other’s. Fortunately, they also wanted to work with me again and starting from that day we planned for our panel discussion without any further delay.

First of all, we discussed about the topic and that was one of the hardest parts for us since everyone has different ideas. Then we came out with the four topics meanwhile we were not able to determine which one to choose. Some of us gave the suggestion to talk about the human rights which is also one of the hottest topics among students but most of us did not agree on that because it is too common. So we all agreed to accept the decision of our lecturer and he chose one for us which is most interesting among all. The one that he chose is about the civil society organizations and their effectiveness on our civil society. Then we thought of to explain about four out of six CSOs categories since we have four panelists. But he suggested us to make something different and new, for that we have got the idea to make more like a debate rather than just giving information for these and those. Therefore, our finalized topic became “Which civil society organization should be encouraged more for the global development?”

As for the second step, we had to make the decision of who is going to be the moderator. Since we have total five members and among us we have four girls and one boy in our group, we four girls advised the boy to be the moderator and the rest became the panelists. As we are going to form more like debate style and we also had exactly two organizations, it was easy for us to divide that two panelists will be talking at the side of charity organizations and another two panelists will be talking at the side of skill development organizations. I chose to stand at the side of the charity organizations based on my personal interest. It was all fine until that part and our group did not have any kind of confusion among us. But unexpectedly, our group has got one more member after all the discussions and we were a bit nervous about the role for that member in our panel discussion and about the time limitation. Although we have got about two weeks to prepare for that, we only had one meeting in first week because we all were clear about what to do and we spend our time for other assignments. When we left only one week for panel discussion day, we started to worry about that we had made lots of meetings. Finally, we all agreed to put our new member in between role, neither at the side of charity organizations nor at the side of skill development organization.

To talk about the personal satisfactions and dissatisfactions, I did not have any dissatisfaction on my group mates and anything at all from the beginning until the end of panel discussion. But I did not satisfied myself that much on the panel discussion day because when I handled an unexpected question from the moderator which was offensive question about the charity organization, I was so expressive and I could not able to control my emotion which is called anger. Apart from that, I satisfied with all the works along and even I could able to handle well throughout the whole panel discussion. To talk about the strengths and weaknesses of our group from the beginning until the end, I found out that we all really need to improve on our time management. It was our main weakness since we were not able to rehearse at least one time before the final day. But luckily, it did not affect too much on our final day. Our panel discussion was more realistic comparing with other groups as we came out with something different and that was our main strength.

In the final day of panel discussion, my role is to act like an executive manager of one of the charity organizations and another person of my side is to act like a university student who is working as an active member of one of the charity organizations. The opposite side also goes the same. First, I explained clearly about what it means by charity organizations, how effective of charity organizations are, what they are serving for the community and the goods about the charity organizations. Opposite side pointed out the weaknesses of our organizations and we also pointed out some weaknesses of their organizations and talked more about the strengths of our organizations. Actually, the idea of making like debate is not to show which is better organization, we wanted to let the audience know that both of the organizations are effectively helping the community for the good deeds in their own way.

By making this panel discussion, I have gained a lot of new knowledge and thoughts about civil society organizations which I ever wanted to explore. Although we have discussed about them in the tutorial time, I have learnt more from preparing for the panel discussion. The reason is that when I made the speeches regarding the topic, I had to prepare a lot, I had to edit my speeches again and again, I did several times of research about it and I prepared to have enough knowledge to handle the questions from the moderator and the floor, which all made me to increase knowledge and information about that specific topic. Therefore, I personally like the idea of making panel discussion which can be achieved a lot of advantages


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